Beer is considered the oldest and most extensively used alcoholic drink worldwide. After water and tea, it comes as the third well-liked drink around the globe.

You might have heard a lot about the hazardous effects of beer and other such drinks. But never thought that it can be advantageous as well. Beer has some surprisingly beneficial effects on the human body that everyone should know about. 

Given below are some of them:

1. Lower the Risk of Heart-Related Diseases

By the research of the effects of beer on humans, we came to know that it tries to control heart-related diseases and can be used for the prevention of heart attacks. It minimizes the percentage of death through heart attacks. It increases the concentration of high-density lipoproteins or HDL which is also famous as good cholesterol. 

Beer also contains vitamin B6 known as pyridoxine which decreases the homocysteine level of the beer drinkers. Homocysteine is the key factor that causes the risk of heart attacks. By taking beer the risk of heart attacks by homocysteine will be minimized. Studies and research showed that by taking a drink a day, the drinker could remain safe from congestive heart failure even at the age of 65 years. Taking one alcoholic beverage per day is good for health but the extensive use of beer may lead to death.

2. Lowers the Risk of Brain Stroke

Beer can be used to decrease the risk of brain strokes. With the help of taking one beer a day, an individual can remain safe from brain strokes. As the brain stroke is caused by the clotting of blood in the vessels which is known as ischemic stroke so the clotting of blood can be reduced by taking beer.

It not only provides positive health impacts but it can be fun too if you have a beer-making kit with you. So, make a drink for yourself, enjoy it and reduce the chances of getting a threatening disease like brain stroke.

3. Lowers the Risk of Having Diabetes

Researches showed that people who drink a controlled amount of beer or alcoholic beverages have less risk to be a type 2 diabetic patient. Diabetic patients who take one drink on a daily basis have less threat of coronary heart disease when compared with non-drinkers having type 2 diabetic illnesses. All these risk reductions are for those who take light to moderate amounts of beer.

4. Effects on Memory or Thinking Capacity

Beer affects the memory of the drinkers positively when taken in a controlled amount. People with old age who are taking one beer a day for years proved to be having better general knowledge and sharp memory as compared to non-drinkers. 

However, drinkers who are taking a larger amount of beer in a day like four or more drinks a day harm the memory with age. And they have less memory as compared to those who are non-drinkers or controlled drinkers.

Research showed that beer has good effects on humans when taken in a controlled amount. It may be dangerous as well when taking in excessive amounts. So, you can enjoy it but at your own risk!