A pair of sunglasses not only adds an extra layer to your fashion but also protects your eyes from various obstacles. The use of goggles is expanding every day. People are buying various sunglasses.


However, there are many myths about sunglasses. This is why many people get confused while buying a new pair of shades. If you are one of them, then we are here to help you out.


In this article, we are covering twelve myths you should know about sunglasses. Make sure you are reading them carefully, so you can get a clear view. Let’s find out.


  1. Size Doesn’t Matter

One of the most common myths people believe is size does not matter. Many people think a larger lens can protect eyes more while some believe a bigger lens is good to block rays and glare. In reality, size really matters. No matter what size you are choosing, every shade has the ability to protect your eyes. This is why you need to do some research before buying.


  1. Darker Lenses Provide Better Protection

Some people are obsessed with buying a pair of shades that has darker lenses. In fact, some sellers also convince people that darker lenses are great for eye protection. Well, we are not saying that darker lenses are useless. However, all types of lenses are good for your eyes. Moreover, you can get a pair of prescription sunglasses with lighter lenses to protect your eyes.


  1. Sunglasses With 100% UV Protection Are Expensive

Sure, most companies provide goggles with UV protection nowadays. And it’s very essential to get a pair of shades that comes with 100% UV protection, especially when you are involved in outdoor activities.

However, there is a common myth among people; a pair of sunglasses with 100% UV protection is expensive. It’s not true though. A pair of ‘cheap’ shades also can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.


  1. Expensive Goggles Are Better

As we mentioned before, many people believe that a pair of expensive shades are better. This myth is not completely true. Well, it’s right that an expensive pair of sunglasses can come with more features and give a high-quality performance. However, you can also get a good pair of goggles at a reasonable price. You just need to do some research while buying.


  1. All Sunglasses Cut Glare

When you are buying a new pair of shades, one of the most useful features you need to look for is if they can cut glare. No matter what you are doing, glare could be very irritating. So, you need to make sure that the pair of sunglasses is giving you glare protection. Although not all goggles are capable to cut glare. So, be careful about it.


  1. All Sunglasses Protect Against UV Rays

Another popular myth many people believe nowadays is all goggles are capable to protect eyes from UV rays. Well, at this moment, protecting eyes from harmful UV rays has become an essential factor. Maybe this is why these types of myths are spreading. However, all sunglasses are not capable to protect your eyes from UV rays. You need to find a pair of UV-coated sunglasses.


  1. You Need Shades Only in Summer

Who does not love summer? However, summer means you need to carry a pair of sunglasses always whenever you are going outside. In that case, a pair of goggles is not only helpful in the summertime. You always need a pair of shades whenever you are going outside throughout the year. For example, you need a pair of goggles when you are going skiing.


  1. Sunglasses Can Expire

One of the weirdest myths people believe is sunglasses can expire, which is not true of course. Well, many people say that UV protection could reduce over time. However, there is no valid study that had clarified it.

On the other side, it also trues that you cannot use a pair of goggles for the rest of your lifetime. But a good pair of shades could last for a long time.


  1. Sunglasses Are Only For Grown-ups

Your kids need a pair of shades as much as you do. Many people believe that sunglasses are only for adults, this is completely a wrong statement. In fact, a kid’s eyes are more sensitive and could be affected by harmful UV rays and glare. This is why, they need a pair of glares more than a grown-up does, especially when they are involved with outdoor activities.


  1. Scratches on Lenses do Not Matter

People believe that scratches on lenses are okay and don’t affect vision. However, it could be very effective, especially if you are using prescription sunglasses. Well, getting scratches is normal. You just need to be careful cause it could cause eye strain. If you are finding scratches on the lens of your goggles, it’s time to get a new one.


  1. Sunglasses Are Only Needed on Sunny Days

Another popular myth about sunglasses is they are only needed on sunny days. It’s true that a pair of shades can protect your eyes from bright sunlight and harmful ultraviolet rays, even glare. However, you also need to protect your eyes on cloudy days when UV rays are also capable to harm your eyes. You can get a pair of shades changing color and tint level.


  1. Polarized Lenses Offer More Protection

Well, another common myth among people has polarized lenses provide more protection. A pair of sunglasses that are made with polarized lenses are capable of the same amount of protection that other types of lenses provide. However, the benefits of polarized lenses are countless. They can help you by reducing glare, protect against UV rays. You can also do some research.



 These myths about shades are popular among many people. However, they are not true. If you are not knowing about these myths, it could create problems later. We hope this article was helpful for you. If you want to know more about sunglasses myths, make sure to start your research.