The recent changes to state laws legalizing cannabis have led to a surge in demand for vaping products. The vape market was already a booming one with e-liquids and CBD products selling in ever increasing quantities, but with cannabis products now added to the mix the market expansion will be even more impressive.

Many people vape e-liquids to help wean them off smoking tobacco, a habit that is no longer as socially acceptable as it once and that is now heavily legislated against. The sheer choice of flavours is impressive, and the sophistication of vaping devices is developing quickly. Others vape CBD – either for fun or to help with chronic pain, anxiety and depression and many other ailments that it is reportedly good for. But in this article, we’re interested in vaping cannabis.

A number of states have made cannabis legal – to possess for personal use and in some cases to grow in the home – and many more will follow. We recommend in the first instance that you check your state laws to ensure you are permitted. People are turning to vaping cannabis because it is efficient, cheap and convenient. Here we look at the two types of devices used for vaping cannabis: dry herb vaporizers and oil vape pens.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers are a popular and effective method of getting your cannabis hit. If you check out reputable online retailers such as you will find they have a wide variety of these devices, and also some great advice about using them. What is a dry herb vaporizer, and why are they popular?

The basic premise behind all types of vaporizer is the same. The difference is in the way they are designed to do the job. Let’s simplify things. A vaping device is actually a very simple gadget. It consists of the outer body in which are contained a cavity for inserting the dry herb, oil or wax that you want to vape. In a dry herb vaporizer this is specially designed to take herb rather than liquid or wax.

he device also includes a mouthpiece, which is used for inhaling the vapor, along with a battery and a coil or atomizer.  A 510 thread battery is a  versatile power source commonly used in vaporizers; you can check out these vapes that disguise a 510 thread battery.  The atomizer is the bit you need to know about. It is, essentially, a tiny electric coil that when charged by the battery heats rapidly to a temperature at which the cannabis vaporizes. The result is a cloud of cannabis vapor – not smoke, we remind you – that you inhale to get the hit you want.

The way they work differs in that some you have to press a button to get them to heat while others you simply take a draw. There are also models that come with a temperature control. So, what about Oil vape pens?

Oil Vape Pens

Now that cannabis is legal in many states there is a greater choice in devices with which you can get your weed hit. Oil vape pens are among the most popular. These are simple pen-shaped devices that work the same way as the above but are designed for vaping oil rather than dry herb.

Cannabis can be bought in oil form for this purpose – as can CBD products – and in some cases the pen comes with a disposable cartridge: you simple use up the cannabis oil and buy another cartridge, clip it in and away you go!

The benefits of the oil vape pen mainly lie in convenience. If you want a quick draw or two these things are no bigger than an average biro so will be easy to tuck into your pocket or purse. They are also cheap to buy. If you’re new to vaping then it may be that you try with cannabis oil first, to see if the sensation is actually one that you enjoy. We advise you bear in mind, however, that using a vape oil pen and a dry herb vaporizer will give you two entirely distinct experiences, so perhaps consider carefully if you want to switch to vaping cannabis and ask around friends and the retailers for their advice.

Our Final Word

The cannabis market has followed the CBD market in the USA in becoming one of the most lucrative and fastest growing consumer markets of all. This has led to developments that benefit the cannabis user, but also invites counterfeit and sub-standard products and accessories.

It is for this reason we strongly advise you find a reputable and established retailer to buy your goods from. They can guarantee you consistent quality and also offer you the best prices and service that you can rely. Whichever method you choose to vape your cannabis we hope you enjoy it, so get some further reading in and talk to a supplier about the best products for you.