Nothing has been the same since the pandemic crisis happened. One of the most affected industries is the sports industry. Although watching sports through TV, the Internet, and listening on the radio has been around for decades (thanks to sports broadcasting!), never would have anyone imagined a stadium or court with only virtual viewers flashed around the players. Many sporting events have been postponed or cancelled, and South Korea is no exception to this.


As of February 06, 2021, total cases have been 106 million, with 59.9 million recoveries and 2.31 million deaths in South Korea. It was one of the countries with the most critical situations in the early days of the pandemic. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics have been postponed to this July to August 2021. Here is an overview of how the pandemic had affected different sporting events in South Korea:


On Football

South Korea’s K-League, a 12-team top-flight football league, was postponed for several weeks and had restarted last May 8, 2020. The champions Jeonbuk Motors hosted Suwon Bluewings in Jeonju in an empty World Cup Stadium. However, this football league season was one of the first sports leagues that returned into action only after several weeks. Organisers implemented strict protocols following South Korea’s Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) guidelines. Players practised social distancing and played in a stadium with no viewers allowed. Even while on the field, players could not talk with their teammates, opponents, and referees. They first tested all of K-League’s personnel, together with coaches, players, referees, and others by May 1.


On Baseball

KBO, South Korean’s 10-team major baseball league, also postponed the start of its seasons. Along with K-League, they, too, were one of those that returned to the scene early. It was earlier by a few days than K-league, starting last May 5. Shaking hands and high-fives were not allowed. Moreover, KBO players’ habit of spitting was also strictly prohibited, and this was challenging for them.


They were required to have a mobile application to submit their daily health report, with their temperature checked twice a day. Everyone, except for the players on the field but required in clubhouses and other places in the stadium, was required to wear masks and even wear disposable gloves as a precautionary safety measure.


Although empty stadiums are what these leagues have now, you can be spectators through sports broadcasts available on different websites. You can also bet on these teams in various games. To make sure you’re placing your bet on a reliable betting site, head on to 슈어맨.


Sports broadcasting has indeed allowed us to still enjoy, although in a different manner, South Korea’s sporting events at the comfort and safety in our homes. It may be what we will be relying upon through the next months to come. As we cannot view these games the way we get to before, we trust sports analysts to help us know the match’s blow-by-blow, ensuring that we don’t miss out on anything. Make sure to watch or follow credible and verified sites, so you’re confident they’re telling you what’s happening in the game.


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