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Have you noticed how more and more businesses are making their way on to social media to promote their products and services? Are you trying to follow along with the trend of getting on to twitter but don’t quite know how to get your business account off the ground?

In recent years, twitter has grown massively, and not just in terms of people using the app socially. Many people over the last few years have started using twitter, among other social media platforms, to aid in the growth of their business by reaching newer and much larger audience, and gaining a ton of exposure from the app.

Although, in the beginning, it can be difficult to get it started, especially if you’re new to social media, so you might need some help growing your follower count. Here are a few helpful tips to help your business grow by using twitter.

Grow your followers

Trying to grow your business with a twitter account that has no followers is pointless. Followers are the backbone of the brand meaning it is important to grow your follower base as quickly as possible.

Gaining followers has a ripple effect, it starts off slowly but as soon as you start gaining more follower, more of them are inclined to share your content which ultimately results in more followers.

Gaining followers in the beginning, however, can be tough, which is why there are many services available, such as Twiends or Twesocial, so it might be worth looking into a Twiends comparison review. Twesocial is an organic twitter marketing service which will handle every aspect of your account from deciding what to post when, what hashtags will drive the most traffic to your account, and engaging with your followers. This allows you to stay focused of what you are best at, content making, and they will handle the rest.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most underused and misused, tools that twitter has to offer. They are so much more than just linking your post to a string of words that kind of relate to it. Hashtags are crucial when it comes to business marketing strategies on twitter as they can help with the exposure of your business by reaching a much wider audience as well as to specifically attract your target audience.

By making use of relevant key words after the pound sign, people can look up specific hashtags that interest them and see all the post made with this hashtag. When posting with a hashtag, make sure to keep it relevant and simple, no one likes spammy hashtags that don’t even relate to what they are looking at and this will drive an audience away.

Another good thing to try, is to create your own hashtag that is exclusive to your business. This draws attention to your brand as well as allows you to monitor the engagement that follower have with your content.

Research competition and identify your audience

There will always be someone who is doing what you’re doing but just a bit better. If you’re stuck with your twitter account and can’t understand why it isn’t growing, try scoping out the competition. Look out to see what tactics and strategies they employ and how it is working for them. This is not a suggestion to go out and copy your competition, but rather just take inspiration from them.

While looking at their posting strategies, have a look at who falls part of their follower base, this will give a good idea has to who you twitter target market should be.

Do analytics

Possibly one of the most important steps in growing your account is to have a look at your analytics and audit your account. This may seem boring or a waste of time but it will enlighten you as to what content you should be posting and when. When looking at your analytics, find out what content does better, what time posts are engaged with the most, and what is reaching the biggest audience.

All of this can be used to shape your content into exactly what an audience would expect from you while reaching them at a prime time. In the end, all of the work will be worth it because there will, no doubt, be some chang