With yet another lockdown upon us, there is very little hope of gyms opening up any time soon. Working from home and home schooling means a much more sedentary lifestyle as there is no nipping to the watercooler to stand and have a chat. You are not allowed to stray too far from home either making outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling a no go. Doctors and chiropractors across the nation are advising people to get up and move and do some exercise, even if it’s light, but to stay mobile as it is imperative to your health and mental wellbeing.

It is not really advisable to start stretching while wearing your work clothes so you really need to invest in some suitable sports wear.  Additionally, hinged knee braces can provide extra support and stability during your workout.Superdry has a fantastic and affordable range of gym wear, if you use a Superdry voucher code you can save even more money.

Let’s start with the basics, a good sports bra that provides support is extremely important. The Running Moulded Bra from their gym collection is perfect for the more strenuous of activities. It features ventilation detailing on both the front and back to help keep you cool and fresh. The Training Rival Sports Bra from Nike is made with Dri-Fit tech designed to absorb sweat leaving you dry, its cups mould to your skin and offer great support.

 These sports bras are perfect for underneath the Superdry Training Mesh Tank Top made from lightweight mesh material. Its loose arm holes are ideal for stretching and the relaxed flow of the top won’t inhibit your movements. A variety of colours available means that you will be spoilt for choice.

Team this top with a pair of Training Mesh Tight Shorts with their reflective logo down one leg for when outdoor sports are eventually permitted again you can stay safe and be seen. They are sculpted to your body permitting you to move freely. The material is breathable, matched with a pair of Superdry SD Super Lite runner trainers in a lightweight material that protects your feet and leaves them feeling weightless.

The Superdry men’s Training Sport Joggers in a poly-cotton mix available in a choice of four colours will make any workout stylish. Their relaxed fit means they are comfortable enough for almost any activity. These paired with the Active Training T-shirt available in 12 colours fit close to the body, allowing you to see the fruits of your labour. The Superdry fabric is lightweight and designed to keep you cool. Its breathability makes it perfect for a sweaty workout. Mix with a pair of Agile High Runner Trainers for an optimal look that not only looks good but is highly functional.

Age UK offers some simple exercises that can be done from the safety of your home. Your age or ability doesn’t matter much here. These exercises are perfect for all ages. Start small to then build up to reaching your fitness goals in 2021.

Under Armour Shorts are loose fitting and made from a lightweight fabric with an elasticated waistband for comfort. Joined with their Tech Twist ¼ Zip Top this slim fit top is made with their HeatGear purposefully designed to wick the sweat away from your body leaving you free to workout feeling both cool and dry. Investing in a pair of good quality trainers is also important in the long run. Try a pair of Downshifter 10 trainers from Nike. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but their all-new midfoot cage supports the foot while the foam midsole cushions and protects the joints.

Whatever sport you decide to do remember that looking the part is half the battle.