There are so many things you need to know about Bitcoin, but they can be hard to find. Every single person, regardless of their Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency knowledge, knows that Bitcoin is fairly complex and there are plenty of ins and outs with Bitcoin. Unless you are someone without access to the internet, which is highly unlikely, you have likely heard about Bitcoin.

Even more so, you have probably noticed and heard of its massive uprising at this current time. It has been absolutely surging and people cannot seem to get enough of this high-ranking digital currency. Anyway, you may think that you know all that you need to know about Bitcoin, or perhaps you just want to learn more, maybe you’re even a newbie to it all.

Whatever the circumstance may be, we have your back and we have compiled this great list of things you really need to know about Bitcoin. If you are ready to join the Bitcoin world, head over to Bitcoin Loophole which is a great way to make money and amass massive fortunes. Click here for login and start earning almost immediately among a community of likeminded people.

Without waiting any more, let’s get into it!


  1. No one actually knows who created Bitcoin

I bet you didn’t expect this one, but funnily enough, it is 100% true! There are many conspiracy theories out there as to who created Bitcoin, but no single person has ever been accredited for it and no conclusion has ever been made. Satoshi Nakamoto, who is the creator, is not actually a real person, in fact, his name is purely a pseudonym.

Many people have been convicted of being this mysterious man/woman, however, they have denied it every single time. Will the world ever find out who is behind Bitcoin?


  1. It isn’t just for black market use

What you may not know is that Bitcoin is fairly big in the black-market world and is frequently used for transactions so much so that people think it is only for black market use. However, much to people’s disbelief, Bitcoin can be used in a plethora of different places, not just the black market. In the US, there are plenty of places that accept Bitcoin as a genuine and legal form of payment.


  1. It isn’t the only cryptocurrency available

Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin, that is all we seem to hear these days; however, it isn’t the only form of cryptocurrency available to the public. Even though all the attention and media coverage go to Bitcoin, there are competitors that are exactly the same, if not a little better than Bitcoin! Litecoin is another cryptocurrency that is pretty much the same as Bitcoin, however, as the name implies, it is just a lite version. There are plenty of other options, so if Bitcoin isn’t the one for you, shop around, there is very likely to be one that suits your needs.

The world of Bitcoin is very complex, so these little things can help you gain a little more knowledge on the subject.