Nothing beats the feeling of being on a motorbike at 60+ mph on a free road. As you cut through the wind currents, your adrenaline levels are spiked up a notch higher, and you automatically get some kind of “high.” It gets even better when treading through rough terrain with your Suzuki V-Strom or Yamaha Super Terene ahead of everyone else in a biking adventure.

But whether you are a novice biker or you have some experience in the trade, one thing is for sure. Motorcycle accidents happen. As a matter of fact, statistics show that a biker is more likely to suffer severe or potentially fatal injuries compared to a car driver when involved in an accident. More often than not, the bike is wrecked beyond repair, and it might actually catch fire.

As a biker, you could also hit a passenger, damage property, or cause a significant accident on the road. In these and more scenarios, motorbike insurance comes in handy. To delve a bit deeper into the topic, here are a few reasons why bikers need to have motorcycle insurance. 

1. Liability Coverage 

Accidents happen even to the most cautious drivers on the roads, and the damages caused by your fault may be more than what you have in your bank account. In such a situation, if you have your motorcycle insured, the insurance company will take charge and pay for the damages on your behalf.

Motorbike insurance coverage comes in many options. As explained by the folks at Devitt Insurance company, you buy cheap motorbike coverage or pick a policy that takes care of the bike and the rider and everything in between. The liabilities covered will depend on the value of your policy and the set limits. When the limits are higher, the benefits are more comprehensive, and you may end up not giving a single cent in an accident. But when you take the low-level limit cover, you may end up chopping more money to cover for damages caused by your fault.

2. Medical Payments and Personal Injury Protection 

Assuming you are self-employed and fall sick while at work with no one to run the business for you while you are on and off ill, what happens? You have to close down the business and incur the losses. However, the burden is often easier when you have medical insurance since your hospital bills will be catered to by your policy provider.

In the case of motorbike insurance, the insurance company pays for your medical bills and treatment costs, whether you caused the accident or not. Additionally, they could also ensure that you are financially stable even in your sickbed without having to spend anything from your pockets. The latter will largely depend on who caused the accident and the kind of insurance policy in question. The personal injury protection bit of your cover could cater to lost wages, child care, and other expenses you might incur before you recover fully.

3. Guest Passenger Coverage 

Have you ever come across a video of riders with their partners at the back showcasing their love story on the roads? Well, the worst can happen when on the move. If you have insurance cover, you do not have to worry about any medical bills and their financial stability at the accident. In some cases, the other party may not be insured. You do not have to be the one at fault for the other party to be compensated and attended by the insurance company. These are among the benefits you enjoy when you have insurance protection.

4. Collision and Comprehensive Coverage 

Among the different types of automotive insurance covers, comprehensive coverage is the best you can have on your machine. Besides covering for a collision with other road assets, non-collision events are inclusive. Incidents like fire, theft, and storms, among others, are also included to ensure that you feel secure about anything that can happen to your motorcycle. On a similar note, collision insurance will cover the cost of the repair and the replacement of your bike without you digging into your pockets to make any payments. In case you spend your money on any expense, the insurance company can always refund the money or roll it over into your next premium.

5. Umbrella Coverage Options 

Ever been to a motor dealership and seen those cars that have been pimped with all sorts of decorations to make them look more appealing? Such vehicles are insured under the umbrella policy options, which also apply to motorbikes. This should be necessary if you have to add some accessories to your bike to get all the attention as you overtake the four-wheel machines in traffic. While you use your bike, the sporty tires can wear and tear and get costly for you. While on this cover, the insurance company can cater to the purchase of a new set. To add to that, if any of those accessories are tampered with during an accident or vandalism, your insurance takes care of repair or replacement.

6.     Roadside Insurance and Towing 

Traffic can be so annoying, but not more than the broken-down vehicle in the middle of the roads causing snarl-ups or turbulence in traffic. Depending on the coverage you pick, some policies can have people come to your rescue during a breakdown at no extra cost. It could be a mechanical breakdown, no fuel, flat tire, or battery failure. Whichever the reason, you only need to call your provider, and they will have your machine towed to the nearest repair spot free of charge. Roadside insurance is becoming increasingly necessary among motorcyclists, especially those who use their rides for work or business purposes.

When on the road on your two-wheeled machine, anything can happen. It could take a fraction of a second to find yourself flying mid-air with your motorbike, only to wake up on a hospital bed or find yourself in court a few days later. The above reasons are just a few more than convincing examples of why you need to have motorcycle insurance as a biker.