Sometimes it’s best to allow people to be their worst enemy. Poker is a game of knowing your opponent and how to get the most chips as possible out of them. You’re not at the poker table to make friends; you want to win money. Winning is what it’s all about, and the way you achieve your goal is by understanding who you’re playing against. Sometimes you need to allow your opponent to beat themselves. Understanding who you’re playing with is vital to your overall success in poker.

How to slow play pocket aces

Looking down at two aces is every poker player’s dream come true. You can’t help but feel excited when you see two aces. How should you play the strongest preflop hand in poker? The answer to that question depends on how many other people are in the pot. If everyone calls the big blind and no one raises, you’re not going to want to do the same. You need to separate the players who have real hands versus those who are calling for the sake of seeing a cheap flop. Sometimes that happens when playing, and you need to understand what to do. If you just flat call and don’t raise, you need to be prepared not to fall in love with your aces after the flop because anything can happen when a lot of people are in the hand.

The best solution is to raise it up a decent amount before the flop and try to get the action between you and one other person. If there was a sizable raise before you, it’s still a good idea to increase the bet. Pocket aces are the best preflop hand you can get, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try to get as much money out of them as possible. Not doing so only opens the door for another player to suck out and win the pot with a less valuable hand.

What do you do if you hit an unbeatable hand on the flop

If you have pocket jacks and another jack lands on the flop, and a pair on the board, you’ve then hit a full house. How do you play this hand? In almost all situations, you should check to get your opponent to bet. The fear is if you bet and your opponent didn’t get any of the flops, it will scare them away. If they lead out with a bet, simply call it. Don’t raise in this situation because you don’t want the other player to be able to put you on a hand. They must think you have a draw or maybe a small pair.

Hitting a flush or straight on the river can be tricky

Sometimes players will check it down to the river, and then you hit something big. Maybe you have just made the best possible straight, and you want to get a few chips out of your opponent. If you think they don’t have a hand, it’s crucial that you don’t raise it too high, or they will end up folding. Situations like these are best suited for betting a single big blind or no more than three. Anything more than that and the other player is likely to fold. The best-case scenario would be that the player thinks you’re trying to steal the pot, and they come over the top. Though, if a person has ace-high and thinks that might be good, they may call a big blind bet.

Slow playing can be tricky because your opponents can suck out

Remember, the best hand on the flop isn’t always the best hand on the river. If you slow play a hand, be prepared to fold it if it isn’t the best hand by the river. Don’t be too aggressive and allow your opponent to dictate the action. You want Joinsini players to always wonder what two cards that you have. If they can’t put you on a hand, that always plays in your favor.