Tired of property search websites that don’t help you find what you’re looking for? A new online property tool offers a smarter way to search for homes. Search Smartly will help you find your new dream home.

What Is Search Smartly?

Search Smartly is a property search tool for London homes. You can find flats to rent in London or search for homes to buy. Search Smartly isn’t like other property listing websites. On most other sites, you can search for flats based on a few key criteria, such as price, square footage, and borough. You may get a few extra filters like furnished or unfurnished, if you’re lucky. 

Search Smartly has over 10 different filters you can add to your home search – and they’re features you actually care about. Choosing an area to live in is as important as choosing the flat itself. But ensuring the area has the amenities you need could take a lot of cross-referencing with other property sites. Search Smartly helps you find a home within your budget that fits your location needs. 

Search Smartly Does the Property Search for You

By using criteria focussed on your preferences, Search Smartly shows you personalised property lists. You can also book a viewing through the website and get a free move-in concierge.

Search Criteria Focussed on You

Proximity to transport

Many people who live in London don’t have their own means of transport. Nearby Underground and bus stations are a must for some city-dwellers. Each listing on Search Smartly shows you the nearest public transportation options and lets you rank the importance of proximity to transport.

Work commute

Your work commute is a trip you take nearly every day, twice a day. Whether you’re willing to deal with long travel times is up to you, but you should at least know how long of a commute you’re in for when searching for flats and houses in London.

Proximity to shops

Maybe you don’t mind travelling for work but commuting to pick up some groceries or other essentials? Most would agree that’s not ideal. By listing all the nearby grocery shops (you can filter for large supermarkets and organic markets), Search Smartly gives you an essential snapshot of the area for each property listing on the website.

Air quality

Search Smartly is one of the only London property search websites that shows you the level of air pollution near a property. As climate change takes its toll on our cities, finding clean spaces to live in, with unpolluted air, can be a challenge. Search Smartly is doing its part to help London property renters and buyers overcome that challenge.

Catchment areas of schools

If you have kids, then you have schools on your mind when looking for a new flat or house in London. Being in a school’s catchment area increases your chances of getting accepted. Each listing on Search Smartly shows all the nearby schools on the map, so you can see how far you and your kids will have to travel to get to school each day.

Proximity to restaurants, cafes, and bars

It’s no shock that people choose urban living to be close to restaurants, cafes, and pubs. If a coffee shop on the corner is a must-have for your new flat, Search Smartly will help you find it.

Nearby green space

Living in a city often means no private garden. Some renters make up for this lack by choosing flats close to parks or other public green spaces, so they can still access the great outdoors. Use Search Smartly’s green space filter to locate parks near your potential properties.

Proximity to gyms

Search Smartly even shows you nearby gyms, fitness centres, and wellness centres when you look at a property. Health and wellness isn’t always possible inside a small flat, or without an on-site gym at your building. If exercising and staying healthy is a priority for your property search, Search Smartly’s listings make it easy for you.

For renting or buying

Whether you’re looking for flats to rent in London or searching for property to buy, Search Smartly delivers personalised listings.

Each Listing Is Personalised

Selecting your search criteria takes a few minutes, and after you’ve set your preferences, Search Smartly will give each property listing in your search results a personalised score from 0-10. Each SmartScore lets you quickly compare properties to see how they stack up against your chosen criteria.

Request a Viewing

You can do more than just search on Search Smartly. You can also send a request for a property viewing directly through the website, and Search Smartly will contact the landlord or property agency directly. You can centralise all of your viewing appointments and stay organised.

Get a Free Move-in Concierge

After you’ve found your new home, Search Smartly will even provide you with a free move-in concierge. Ensure you have everything you need before unpacking your stuff and take advantage of the 24/7 support. 

The Latest Property Search Tool for London Homes

Search Smartly is redefining how we look for property in London. By allowing you to filter for criteria that matter to you, Search Smartly has made the most user-friendly property search website available.


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