Due to unfortunate circumstances, nine top players were missing from Liverpool in the Champions League game which was against Ajax. Now that the two excellent players are returning to the club, Jurgen Klopp’s word for the selected players will remain intact. 

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Detailed insight:

The news of Trent Alexander-Arnold and Naby Keita returning to the team has elevated the confidence of Liverpool. The players are ready to get trained and face the battlefield against Wolverhampton Wanderers. 

For the UEFA Champions League, roundabout nine vital players from Liverpool were absent. The game was against Ajax but Curtis Jones bagged that one important goal and moved the ball in Reds court. By winning that game, Liverpool bolstered their spot in the Group D of the Champions League. With these two players doing a comeback, other esteemed players like, James Milner, Thiago Alcantara, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Xherdan Shaqiri still have few weeks of rest left. The goal is to return with full fitness or no return. As an addition, the goalkeeper of the club, Alisson Becker is also going to be missing another week from the ground.

The knee injuries suffered by Joe Gomez and Virgil van Dijk have made it difficult for them to join the club for the season. They suffered injuries earlier this season and because of that, they would be missing out on the remaining season. As reported by Liverpool Echo, two proficient Liverpool stars, Alexander-Arnold and Naby Keita are set to come back and get trained for a clash against the wolves. This will help Jurgen in managing his squad and ensuring that his other players who played hectic games in recent times are saved from getting injured.  

In some previous interviews, it was admitted by Klopp that Keita and Alexander-Arnold could return for this game. Klopp mentioned in the pre-match press that Trent appeared to be good but as no one confirmed completely, he would not be training with the team. Jurgen also mentioned that Trent’s training outside rehab was going well. The confirmation came in when Trent said that he saw Trent’s performance and he thinks he will be back in the team soon. 

One player who is in a dire need of rest is Georginio Wijnaldum. Till now, Georginio has played six games in about 17 days, also including the clash against Ajax. He has also proceeded with the 3 games when he had his last international break for the Netherlands. With Naby Keita’s return, Liverpool will have the benefit of having an option to swap the midfield positions with Georginio Wijnaldum, Jordon Henderson, and Curtis Jones. Not only will the return of Trent Alexander-Arnold benefit Jurgen Klopp, but it will also be stress relieving for Neco Williams. Being a newbie, who has only played the last 3 games for Liverpool, the return of two experienced players will help in reducing the pressure. First, Milner was also positioned at the right-back, but due to his heavy injuries, Reds were left with no option. Regarding Ox, Klopp said that he is also in promising shape and is doing a lot of stuff. In addition to the news, Jurgen also informed that Ox is warming up with other players. Specifically, Klopp said Ox was seen practicing his ball work and the decision to bring him back in the game will be taken once he fully recovers and gains his old strength back.

Now you are all updated with the news on Trent and Keita’s return to Liverpool. 

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