This year has been … interesting, to say the least. It’s been full of ups and downs, there has been uncertainty around every corner. It has pulled us around and has been a decade’s worth of stress in a bundle of 12 months. It seems that every week there has been something new – the coronavirus, wildfires, riots. Many of us are very stressed for longer amounts of time, and with the pressure of the world on our shoulders, it’s been difficult to concentrate on what matters most to us.

So how do we cope when there has been so much happening around us? We need to learn to focus ourselves back on to our families and our own goals. And the best way to start that off is to start building yourself up on the inside. And that means self-care. Here’s how you can go about it:

# 1- Stay clean

Hygiene is really important. Cleanliness is a great motivator, especially if you have some projects you want to work on. Not only does a bath or a shower improve your mood, but it also helps your health too. Having a shower once a day, even if it’s quick, will do wonders for your wellbeing.

# 2- Catch up on sleep

We have had many a sleepless night over the last few months, and so the whole nation is sleep deprived. Sleep helps boost your mood, it also helps your health and concentration. If you struggle in getting off to sleep, try using Platinum CBD. It’s perfectly legal and will help you relax and sleep easier.

# 3- Eat healthier

Eating healthier boosts your immune system and keeps your body healthy. That’s not to say drop a load of weight, just change your eating and drinking habits. Less alcohol, more water, have some carrot sticks to replace half a portion of chips, that sort of thing. You’ll find your mood, and your skin condition, will improve massively.

# 4- Do more exercise

Go out for walks every day! Getting some fresh air in your system will make you feel motivated and inspired, and will help keep your body moving when you’re stuck inside the house. Walking is a very beneficial exercise – it will help focus your mind, and will help you wake up, too!

# 5- Read more

Read more! Read more books, more articles, more informative things about what you love. This will keep your mind flowing without it getting swamped down by work and the world news. It will help distract you and get your eyes off of a screen. It may even inspire you to make or create something wonderful, you never know what might happen!

And those are the five major ways to kick start your healing process for the new year, and to catch up with yourself in the winter break. It’s a time for healing and for being with family, so spend it well and make the most off of your time off work!