Vaping is the new cool element. But if you have never tried it, choosing the right flavor, nicotine concentration, and base liquid. For the pro-smokers, these are all pretty easy to choose. But if you are an amateur, you must be having a hard time trying to find the best e-liquids that hit you perfectly.

After all, what is vaping without a perfectly balanced e-liquid? Set aside all your woes because here you will get to know how to choose the best e-liquid in just 4 easy steps! Read on to know more.

Finding the best e-liquid in 4 easy steps:

  1.  The right nicotine concentration:

The nicotine tolerance level varies from person to person. It could be as low as 3 mg for mild smokers and as high as 36mg for chain smokers. The disadvantage of going with a milder concentration than your optimum level is that it will make you vape more.

 It can be irritating and at a time very boring too. But if you exceed your threshold level, you can have a splitting headache. So, what do you do? First, notice your nicotine intake. Pay attention to how many cigarettes you smoke in a day.

Calculate the nicotine intake and then adjust the concentration of the e-liquid. This way, you will be able to smoothly transition from cigarette smoking to vaping.


2.  Flavour is all that matters:

The biggest advantage of vaping is that you have a plethora of flavors to choose from. And that is something which we all already know. You can go for mint, tea tree oil, strawberry, and even alcoholic drinks. The blending is infinite and you can always try a new flavor. Many shops offer free samples. So, you can test before you buy!


3.  The base liquid:

E-liquids come in 2 basic liquids: PG or propylene glycol and VG or vegetable glycerol. A third base liquid combines both of these in different proportions. When you go for all PG base liquid, it gives you better flavor. But it produces less vapor. If you vape to create videos of different smoke designs, this shouldn’t be your call.

Instead, you should go for VG base liquid. It produces more vapor but lesser flavor. If you vape for mere pleasure, we suggest that you take the combination of PG: VG in 60:40. It is the perfect balance of flavor and vapor.


4.  The strict-no ingredients:

Vaping can take an ugly turn if you take the following elements in e-liquids:

  • Diacetyl
  • Acetoin
  • Acetyl propionyl

These elements are known to cause serious lung disorders. So, always read the labels and avoid these ingredients.

The Final Say

Vaping can be fun and enjoyable if you take the right approach. Always test the flavor, nicotine content, ingredients, and base liquid before taking the final call. If you are more into online shopping then always shop from a reputed website where you can find the best e-liquids. Remember, safe vaping is fun vaping. Always stay from questionable ingredients.