Playing games is one of the best activities you can do with your friends and family when you get together. Social games have lost popularity in the past decade, but they are quickly making a big comeback after the pandemic hit the world in 2020.

People from far and wide have been getting together online to play their favorite games since they were children. Gaming these days offers all kinds of choices and options, but the classics never get old, and they never will. Here’s a quick overview of the most popular social games you can play with your friends today.


When most people think of bingo, the first thing that pops to mind is retirement homes. We all know that seniors love spending their time playing bingo, but don’t think that the game is not popular among the younger generation.

Millions of bingo players come online every day to see if their combination won the game. Bingo Online is always fun, even when the prizes are imaginary. There’s something special about the feeling you get when you realize that your combination of numbers comes on top. Playing bingo online will not only give you the thrill of the game, but you’ll also get the chance to meet new people and exchange experiences. 


Everyone who likes gambling games loves playing slots. Unlike before, when you had to go to the nearest casino to try your luck, today, you can play hundreds of slots from the comfort of your own home. The best thing about online slots is that you can keep the wheel turning for as long as you like without spending a single dollar. There are thousands of free slots you can try, many more than in real-life casinos.

For example, the number of available Slotomania slots will keep you glued to the screen for hours at a time. Even if you try a new slot every day, it will take you almost a year to play each one. Online slots are trendy these days because you can play them on all devices, including your smartphone.


Chess is one of the oldest social games on the planet, dating back to ancient times. It’s a game that teaches patience, strategic thinking, and even maths. Throughout history, many famous kings and generals were huge fans of the game, which sadly lost a part of its popularity due to other, less challenging games.

With that said, online chess is still played by tens of millions of people every day. Every player can either try his skills against a much more capable program or play against other players in one-on-one matches. Chess is a slow game where every move counts, and the winner is usually the person with more patience and the ability to foresee his opponent. If you manage to win, the feeling is simply amazing.


Poker is the most popular card game in the world. People far and wide practice their skills playing this game, but things weren’t always like that. Poker was the most popular game among cowboys a few centuries ago. It evolved into one of the most popular card games over time, and the recent technology advancements in the past few decades made it famous more than ever.

Online poker turned the world upside down and attracted hundreds of millions of players over the years. Some of them managed to monetize their passion for poker by becoming professionals that win millions of dollars in prizes. It’s still one of the most popular gambling games globally, and it will surely stay on top of the ladder for a long time in the future. As seen on this site, most players will use cryptocurrencies to gain access to high-roller poker tables in the near future.


Craps is a standard edition in every casino everywhere. It’s the dice game you see in most Hollywood movies and TV shows. The player gets a dice set, and his role is to guess the next roll before it’s made. Players can say that the next roll will be more or less than a certain number. After the bet is placed, the player rolls the dice, and if his guess is right, he gets a significant return.

As one of the most popular casino games, craps made their way online. Players can now meet each other on virtual tables to satisfy their need for gambling without spending any real money. It’s simply one of those social games we can’t imagine the world without.


Social games are designed as a social activity, but sadly, most people keep to themselves and prefer to stay at home in today’s world. That’s perfectly fine, but that’s no reason to stop playing your favorite social games altogether. Today, almost all social games can be found online, and if you enjoy them, you can play them in your spare time and get all of the benefits of socializing, but without leaving your home.