The COVID-19 has considerably increased the importance of online streaming in our daily lives. Due to lockdown, social distancing, self isolation and other restrictions, streaming has turned out to be a last resort for media maniacs worldwide.

However, this trend has negatively impacted the overall streaming experiences of users globally. This is because users are facing buffering and freezing problems that do not help them watch their preferred content seamlessly. 


Therefore, people are turning to VPNs in huge numbers since they allow them to accomplish their media cravings by improving their streaming experiences appropriately. 

Streaming experience aside, they are relying on VPNs to unblock Hulu and other geo-restricted services hassle-free. This way, they can watch their favorite TV shows and movies on their desired devices accordingly. 

Coming back to the point, if you want to enjoy a buffer-free streaming experience with a VPN on a wide range of devices like other users, continue reading this post. 

8 Invaluable Tips to enhance your streaming experience with a VPN

Apart from protecting your online whereabouts over the web, it can take your streaming activity to a whole new level. Here are 8 crucial tips you can follow to improve your streaming experience with a VPN significantly:


Access geo-restricted content from anywhere

The best thing about using a VPN is that it can help you access famous video on demand services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and others from abroad straightaway. For instance, you are residing as an expat and you want to unblock American Netflix libraries in UK, you will need a VPN service that provides a local IP address.  

By doing so, you can watch US Netflix content including TV shows, movies, documentaries, and much more without any trouble.   

Use multi-login feature to the fullest

All the VPN services no matter if they are old or new, offer simultaneous connection features to their subscribers. Thus, you can enjoy watching all your favorite shows or movies on a variety of devices such as desktop, laptop, mobile phones, tablets, etc. at a time.

If you use the multi-login feature appropriately, there are chances you can enhance your media streaming experience to new heights.    

Bypass ISP throttling

Interestingly, you can use a VPN to bypass ISP throttling issues comprehensively. When you watch content without using a VPN, your ISPs can keep an eye on your video streaming tasks. Consequently, they can throttle your internet connections  and you may face buffering issues while streaming videos, shows, documentaries, movies, etc. 

So, you should use a VPN to prevent ISPs from throttling your internet connections as it masks your actual IP address through an alternate IP address. Due to that reason, ISPs cannot trace what you do over the internet and watch content without facing buffering or freezing hassles.

Download torrent files securely

This is one of the major benefits you can get by using a VPN. VPNs provide highly optimized P2P servers that let you download your favorite media torrent files such as shows, movies, music, and others anonymously without compromising your privacy.   

Switch the server locations

If a VPN service offers servers in all the major countries worldwide, there are chances you can easily access different types of content. This is another way of improving your streaming experience considerably. 

Disable local security software temporarily

At times, security software can negatively impact the performance of VPNs. Therefore, you should disable them to see if they are one of the reasons hampering the performance of your VPN service. 

Try WireGuard

WireGuard is one of the newest VPN tunneling protocols available in the market. You can try out this innovative protocol to secure your streaming experience overall. Different VPN providers have started adding this impressive tunneling protocol in their armories. 

At present, you can use WireGuard on different devices like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. 

Watch content while traveling using public Wi-Fi networks

The COVID-19 has considerably increased the importance of online streaming in our daily lives. Due to lockdown, social distancing, self isolation and other restrictions, streaming has turned out to be a last resort for media maniacs worldwide.While using a VPN can significantly enhance your streaming experience, many tech-savvy entrepreneurs are considering launching their own VPN services to capitalize on this growing market – if you’re based in the Empire State, this guide on LLC Filing New York will help you establish a solid legal foundation for your promising venture.

Once you have connected to the desired server, you can access your account of a particular media streaming service and start watching all your favorite shows or movies.   


Wrapping Up 

The streaming trend will improve over time because more and more video on demand services will become a part of the streaming war in coming years. According to a recent report, 82% of the total internet traffic will consist of video streaming by the end of 2022. 

Considering the significance of streaming, use of VPNs will also increase in the future. This is because VPNs allow you optimize your streaming fun a great deal. All the tips or suggestions mentioned above can enable you to enjoy watching your favorite geo-restricted shows, or movies on multiple devices from anywhere.     


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