One of the main reasons that people begin going to the gym is to develop a stronger and more defined chest. Looking stronger, however, does not necessarily mean you really are strong. Some exercises do not strengthen your upper-body to the degree that others might.

It is important that when attempting to pump your chest muscles and to gain more definition in them, that you perform the right exercises and that you perform them properly. Your technique is just as important as the exercises themselves – if your technique is off, you will not benefit as much as you could.

These exercises should help you to get a more defined chest and achieve your strength goals. Some will require machines, while others will not. The reason that we have combined both machine and bodyweight exercises is for you to be able to perform some exercises wherever you are, without worrying about having access to a gym.

At this time, many of us do not have access to gyms [because of the SARS CoV-19 virus]. So, we must do our exercises, in the safety of our own homes. We hope this page will benefit you and you will learn something from it.


Here are six great beginner exercises for pumping your chest muscles.

1.  Push-Ups

How could we start a list with the best chest exercises without mentioning push-ups? Push-ups are a bodyweight exercise that can be of great benefit to you. It can seriously improve your upper body strength and core strength. It can easily be performed in several different ways to get different responses from your body. To begin with, you should posture yourself with the traditional push-up posture. If you cannot, then you can kneel and do push-ups until you build the strength.

Push-ups are a very powerful exercise routine that can build upper body strength alone without other exercises. It is, however, recommended that you perform other exercises along with push-ups to ensure that you achieve maximum success with regard to your fitness goals. Push-ups are a favorite exercise of many people the world over. They can be intensified by wearing rucksacks or putting weights on your back while you perform them. This is a fantastic way to intensify your workout and to improve the results that you get from performing push-ups. You can also perform one-handed or triangular push-ups for more intense and hard-to-perform push-ups.

2.  Pull-Ups

Pull-ups, like push-ups, are a very intense workout that can drastically improve your upper body and that you do not necessarily need equipment for. With that said, using equipment like resistance bands, according to the fitness experts of, can massively improve your performance and ensure that your pull-ups strengthen your upper body. You will also, for pull-ups, need an area to do the pull-ups. Most people who perform pull-ups choose to do so in public parks or recreation grounds, where they have monkey bars. With that said, we are currently in a pandemic, so it may not be possible for you to go out and begin doing pull-ups on public ground.

You can also do them in your hallway if you buy the right pull-up bar – do not attempt to do them from stair banisters or any object attached to your home that is not intended for it. You can cause significant damage to your home if you do.

3.  Dumbbell Exercises

Dumbbells are another great way for you to push your body and strengthen your upper body. Dumbbells can be picked up in most home supply or fitness stores; they are widely available. You can pick dumbbells up in several sizes and weights. If you are just starting, then you might want to pick up a pair of dumbbells that are not too high of a weight – lest you injure yourself or push yourself beyond your personal limitations. You should always stay within your limitations and never exceed them.

4.  Bench Press

Bench presses are a very popular exercise among young men trying to strengthen their upper body. Bench presses require a bench and a weight bar for you to lift, but with that said, you can use free weights to do bench presses as well. The bench press will strengthen your upper body and will be a fantastic way for you to improve your strength. It is definitely recommended as it is an exercise that can benefit you massively. It is one that, providing you have access to the equipment, single-handedly improves your upper body strength and keeps you fit and muscular.

5.  Rope Climbing

Climbing up a rope is a form of exercise that we all likely did at school – it is also likely a form of exercise that we all hated doing at school. Rope climbing, whether you like it or not, is a very powerful type of exercise that can greatly benefit you and help you to achieve your upper body fitness goals. Rope climbing is not easy, we know, but it is very beneficial. You can perform rope climbing as long as you have a tree or a high place in your garden that is sturdy and that you can attach a rope to.

6.  Plank

The plank is another powerful upper body exercise. Planking will improve your upper body strength and see you massively improving your endurance and stamina. Planks can be performed virtually everywhere, like the push-up, and do not need any equipment at all. The plank is an exercise we whole-heartedly recommend you begin to perform if you are on a mission to have a defined chest. The plank will improve your arms, also, and leave you with the strength that you could have only previously dreamed of. 

You now know six exercises that can pump your chest and give your upper body definition. These exercises should all be performed correctly and according to the proper technique. This will prevent you from seriously injuring yourself and would be able to help you achieve the most benefit of exercising. Good luck and happy exercising!