Giving up on your hopes and dreams can seem easy when you’re depressed. According to Talkspace, an “I give up” mentality can be difficult to escape. This way of thinking may also hold you back from living the full life everyone deserves. Here’s how to escape this negative mentality, so you can be happier and healthier.

What May Cause Someone to Want to Give Up?

If you have an “I give up” mentality, it may be due to your biological makeup. Further, depression, anxiety, or Post-traumatic stress disorder may also play a key role. Although depression tends to be the problem, plenty of people experience anxiety as well. With depression, it can be a challenge to see past a deep sadness and lack of motivation. Another cause may be life circumstances, which is considered a less common cause. No matter what problems you face, Talkspace provides online therapy for anyone who may need help.

Reasons Why People Tend to Give Up

A few reasons why people give up are fear, lack of social support, negative past experiences, and more. Additionally, it can be easier to avoid mental health issues and stay in a negative mindset, especially if the brain was trained that way. Another factor to consider is the effects of childhood on the adult mind. Also, if parents weren’t encouraging enough towards their kids to complete certain behaviors, then kids learn to be stuck in this mindset.

Why Continuing to Try Matters

Although it may seem easy at the moment to give up by staying in bed, there are consequences that can seriously affect someone’s future. Some consequences to consider are hopelessness, loss of professional and educational opportunities, low self-esteem, depression, lack of learning experiences, stress, anxiety, learned helplessness, and lack of a sense of accomplishment. The truth is that failure can even be a learning experience you probably won’t regret.

Feel Less Depressed with These Tips

Anytime a situation arises that causes you to feel desperate or depressed, instead of automatically thinking “I give up”, try assessing the situation. Ask yourself what or who may be causing your lack of motivation. Rather than allowing your uncomfortable feelings to get you down, feel them, and take control. You can reframe your thinking by being positive or practice visualization techniques.

Asking for Help May Be Necessary

If you still can’t stop feeling as though you want to give up, ask a friend or family member for help. In addition to this, you can avoid the doctor’s office by trying online therapy. For example, Talkspace is an affordable way to get help with any mental health issues you may have in the comfort of your home or wherever you may be.

Next time you feel like staying in bed to avoid facing your problems, make the choice to be brave, and stay positive instead. You can make a commitment to your goals by writing in a daily journal. Everyone deserves to love themselves and live a better life.


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