Gambling and sports betting have become quite popular and fond of many people all over the globe. There are die-hard gambling lovers out there who gamble day in and day out. But do all of them always win? Well, as all of us know, gambling involves both ups and downs. It is probable that you win everything or lose everything. It is here that the term luck comes inside. Yes, when a person always wins, he/she is said to have good luck, but if the same person loses, they say it is their bad luck. There are certain beliefs people have when it comes to gambling. While some of the thoughts are common, some are personal as well. While some say luck is nothing but smart work and hard work, the others believe it to be destiny or fate. Listed below are some of the most accepted and followed lucky charms for gambling. 

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Four – Leaved Clover:

In betting, the four-leaf clover is thought to be one of the lucky charms that would increase one’s opportunity to win. For a long time, the four-leaved clover symbolizes faith, luck, hope, and love. This lucky charm story has become more prevalent in western culture. The reason why four-leaf- clovers are considered superior is that there are minimal chances for one to find it. Four-leaf- clover is usually found one in five thousand or one in ten thousand. 

Number 7:

Number 7 has a special significance in many religions like Christianity, Islam, and so on. There are so many things in the world associated with the number 7, such as seven continents, seven world wonders, seven musical notes, etc. Such a particular number has its Town importance in the field of online gambling as well. When one gets a combination of 3 sevens, i.e., 777, he/she can win big. 


In various cultures and mythology, acorns have different meanings. For instance, The British People believed acorns would protect them from multiple body ailments, and in Norse myth, people keep acorns at their homes to protect it from lightning. Gamblers also believe acorn is one of the lucky charms that bring good luck. 

Dala Horse:

In Swedish culture, the Dala horse has tremendous significance for quite many centuries. A small wooden sculpture toy is famous in Swedish folk art and a significant tourist attraction. That is why people consider Dala Horse to be lucky.

Rabbit Foot:

Rabbit foot is considered a symbol of good luck in many places such as Africa, Europe, North America, South America, China. Rabbit Foot in gambling brings good luck to the players, thereby enhancing their winning. It becomes famous as being a symbol of fortune and fertility as people wear it as an amulet.

Laughing Buddha:

Laughing Buddha is a Chinese monk who is known and admired for his hearty smile. People believe he brings wealth, happiness, and prosperity. As gamblers want to win all the money, Laughing Buddha is considered one of the essential lucky charms. 

Cat’s Eye Gem:

Cat’s eye gem is a gemstone that many people wear in their ornaments. The pattern of the rock is in such a way that it resembles the eyes of a cat. This stone is worn by people to remove all the evilness from one’s life. In sports betting, people wear this to protect their wealth from evil eyes and bring fortune and good luck.

Carp Scale:

It is one of the European traditions where the Christians eat Carp fish in the Christmas meal. Carp fish has white flesh, and they eat this as Catholics do not eat red meat during the fast. Two or three scales of the carp are taken and kept in their wallets until the next Christmas. They believe that the carp scale will bring fortune and money into their wallets. Even in gambling, carp scales are the first preference to obtain money. 

Alligator Teeth:

In America, alligators’ teeth bring great fortune, especially for all the sports betters and gamblers. Gamblers have said alligator teeth have brought them quite a many free spins.


The elephant is an animal that has a great significance in Asian countries like India, Thailand, etc. The elephant is often reviewed by a majestic, powerful, and robust animal. In gambling, the elephant is one of those lucky charms that bring good luck, strength, stability, power, and wisdom. Even some casinos have elephants in their architecture. It implies why the elephant is appraising to bring luck.

Hamsa Hand:

Hamsa’s hand is the one that has an open right palm. It also has an eye in the middle of the palm. It may be believed to ward off evilness and bring protection. Hamsa also welcomes wealth and good luck in betting. 

While the above-mentioned lucky charms are symbols, people also follow certain practices and habits while playing. Some of such patterns include crossing fingers to make their wish while blowing the dice. Angels are knocking on wood to increase their chance and remove evil eyes, uttering magic spells such as abracadabra. Some people also believe in lucky colors, and they tend to wear the dress of their random color so that they might win the game. For every person, there is one lucky charm or lady luck. They take that person when they play the game, they believe that a particular person will bring them good luck. 

Some people believe all the above-mentioned lucky charms are mere superstitions and people who follow all of them with due reverence. There are no scientific shreds of evidence to prove the credibility of all the lucky charms. However, the one lucky charm that would bring success to everybody is positivity. Having optimistic thoughts and confidence, even in the most challenging situations, are the essential lucky charms that would make one a great gambler with constant winning.