Whether you’re travelling from overseas or you’re looking for the perfect UK staycation, there are always great ways to make your UK getaway that little bit more special. Adding a little luxury can be the ultimate treat for a well-earned break or a prime opportunity to splurge if you’ve spent so long being cost-conscious when planning your holidays.

So how can you add more luxury to your getaway?

Choose a Luxury Car

If you’re planning on driving a substantial amount for your UK getaway, perhaps as a road trip or to reach your ultimate destination, upgrading your vehicle can be a treat that makes all the difference, especially for a UK road trip. Driving in comfort and style not only makes your trip more comfortable but could be one to tick off the bucket list if you choose a dream car to hit the open road.

Upgrade Your Flight Plan

Anything which makes a flight that little bit more comfortable can be considered a luxury, after all! If you’re planning on taking a long flight, perhaps from another country to the UK — or even if you’re planning to fly from one end of the country to another — there are ways you can make your trip a bit more luxurious.

You could upgrade completely to the highest class for more room and comfort, upgrade your airport lounge for a less stressful experience or add extras such as food and drink to enjoy during the flight.

Upgrade Your Accommodation

Your accommodation choice is going to make or break the luxury aspect of your trip, and upgrading will make all the difference. Luxury can be found in any accommodation type, from hotel suites to a room with a view. You can even grab a slice of luxury in the woods. Enjoy luxury lodges for you and your family in the Sandy Balls New Forest holiday park. Parks like this can ooze luxury and indulgence, making this the perfect destination for your next holiday.

Order Room Service

Your idea of luxury might be to avoid cooking altogether; or, even better, to have your food ready-made and delivered straight to you in your room. Room service means you can enjoy more frivolous luxuries, like breakfast in bed, or enjoying an expensive meal complete with champagne on your own balcony. Bliss!

Stay for Longer

Sometimes, the only luxury you need can be for your holiday to last that little bit longer. If some of your holiday time is taken up by travelling, planning, and getting settled in, extending your stay can mean you have more time to actually relax, indulge, and enjoy. An extra week, or even just an extra few days, can mean something more special and allow you to plan for a special occasion.

Plan at Least One Extravagant Night Out

When planning your holiday, you might usually budget your food allowance and look to make savings, such as all-inclusive so your meals are provided. Yet sometimes battling the queues at the all-you-can-eat buffet doesn’t scream luxury, so you might want to plan for at least one expensive meal at a posh restaurant where you can get dressed up and enjoy three courses of your favourite dishes, without feeling guilty for it.

So there you have it — some great ideas for adding luxury to your next getaway (or maybe all future ones, too).