Selling my mobile phone for the highest cash

Several new handsets get released every year, tempting mobile users to buy them. No matter how hard people think of not buying them, it becomes tough to resist the urge. Most people today use their mobile phones for around a year or two. However, there also exists a certain section of users, which buys a device as soon as it hits the market. It leads to old handsets ending up in closet, drawers, or garbage. Instead, the better option is to sell it and receive some quick cash in return.  You can compare the prices of mobile recyclers and get the best deal out of it. Here is a guide that will answer your question of how selling my mobile phone for highest cash is possible.


The thought of selling my mobile phone

Selling my mobile phone” thought can be overwhelming for some. When you get rid of old gadgets and items that you no longer need, it can be a satisfying experience seeing your space decluttered. You not only create some space for other items but also get some money in return. It is advisable to sell any old handset irrespective of its condition. Advantages of getting rid of old devices are much more than keeping them with you. If you are not comfortable selling it, you can give it to the needy or donate it to a charity. If you do wish to sell it, make sure you do it as soon as possible to prevent a decline in its value.


What is the worth of my old handset?

A device in good condition with all the original accessories and box will get you a much higher price. If you have an old or broken handset with no accessories, you cannot expect much in return. Getting the highest price will also depend a lot on your research skills as you need to get quotes from different sources.


Keep the original box and accessories handy

When you decide to sell your mobile phone, the first thing you need to do is gather all the original accessories and the box. It would include the charger, earphones, cable and any other accessory that came with the package. You will end up making a good impression in front of the buyer and come across as a genuine seller.


Unlocked phones will fetch you a higher price

Carried-locked phones will not fetch you as much amount as unlocked ones. Since you can only use a particular network with locked devices, it becomes a major drawback for buyers. Before considering unlocking your phones, take a look at whether it will be worth the effort involved in getting a significantly higher amount.


Wipe the data from the handset before selling it

You would not want to compromise your personal data by handing it to a stranger. When you are up for selling the device, make sure you do a factory reset so that all the data gets wiped off. Sign out from all your accounts before initiating the reset. Also, it is essential to back up the data before doing the reset.

Backing up the data and resetting the handset is simple irrespective of whether you are an Android or Apple user. It is also essential to remove activation locks, if any, from the mobile phones. Lastly, make sure you haven’t left behind any SIM card or SD card in your mobile as you can easily forget it. Also, watch out for any dents or damages on the handset.


Where to sell the old mobile for maximum cash

Opting for a specialist mobile buyback company like Rapid Phone Buyer can be your most suitable option. Getting a quote for your old handset with us is easy as all you need to do is enter a few basic details. We offer the top price for any handset, depending on its condition. We make buying and phone recycling a seamless process so you can expect to receive the cash for your old handset within no time.

The packaging would be free from our side, reducing your hassles and costs involved with shipping. All you need to do is pack the handset and send it to us for a quick inspection and further process. To know more about services, contact us today.