Before the digital revolution of the 1990s, if you wanted to gamble, you would have to use the traditional available channels to get your fix. These were betting shops, brick and mortar casinos and gambling arcades.  These were fine if you actually had the time in your day to travel to find each of these establishments. They were also okay if you felt comfortable in them, as some arcade clientele could get a little out of hand at times. Obviously, these environments that were male dominated, were also highly intimidating to women, but even some men wished they could gamble elsewhere where they felt far safer.

The Digital Revolution

The wishes of many gamblers both male and female became a reality in 1996. The digital revolution of the early 1990s created technology that nobody had ever experienced before. A major breakthrough was the invention of the internet and many people started to access new casino sites in their homes. All kinds of services and information were made available to the masses at a tap of a computer key. It wasn’t just the thirst for information that could be quenched by this virtual world; entertainment needs were also catered for online. The gambling industry fancied a slice of the internet entertainment action too and they wisely made gambling games available to the masses via the internet. All you needed was an internet provider, a desktop or laptop computer and some cash to top up your online casino account.

Table Games and More

Online casinos and all they had to offer punters, proved hugely successful. The first online video slots were runaway hits too. Everything a land-based casino had and more could be accessed in the comfort and safety of your own home. The move online made gambling accessible to the masses from an environment they were comfortable in for the first time ever and this sent the numbers of people and more especially men, who gambled regularly, into the stratosphere.

Online VS Land-Based Gambling

The numbers speak for themselves men prefer the convenience and safety of online gambling. There are still the high rollers who like to visit bricks and mortar casinos to dress up and meet people, but the majority of men prefer to gamble in the privacy of their own homes. There is greater choice of games online and the games suit all budgets unlike some land-based casinos.

Online casinos have taken away many customers from traditional gambling outlets and this has meant that betting shops have been left empty. However, despite business going down, the fact that many gambling brands and online casinos have a huge online presence means that little revenue is actually lost. Last year alone, £2 billion was taken from slots players.

Final Thoughts

Land-based gambling offers a social element and you can make a night of the entire experience. This still holds some appeal but the majority of men now prefer the 24/7 gambling culture of the internet.