The differences between camping and glamping may be apparent to most of us; after all, glamping is a combination of two words: glamour and camping, which equates it to a more luxurious form of camping. But if you are keen or interested in either of the two and would like to know what makes them really different from each other, it pays to know some key features of each. Glamping, for instance, entails not just sleeping in an ordinary tent, but a special tent with special beds and linen, but camping offers the unique experience of being right at the mercy of nature and its elements. Each form has its own merits, but here’s a close look at the top differences between camping and glamping: which is for you?

Where you will stay 

With camping, your accommodation options are straightforward and simple: a standard summer tent that you can bring and set up in your location.  Glamping, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to stay in a variety of luxury tents and other kinds of accommodation. Glamping excursions can include stays in safari tents (such as the beautiful safari tents UK company Bond Fabrications supply) and yurts and tipis, which are set up in the same natural surroundings but are more fully equipped with comfortable beds and linen, couches and televisions, and electricity and kitchen appliances and equipment as well as private bathrooms. Yurts and tipis are kinds of tents used by nomads and tribes in other countries, but they are much more spacious than modern tents and can usually accommodate more people.

Where you will sleep and take a shower 

We all already know that camping involves the use of sleeping bags so you can simply roll it out and place it on the ground, ready for a night’s rest. This certainly has its charm, but some people prefer being comfortable when they sleep, and this is where glamping comes in with its actual beds. Some glamping facilities even have couches and balconies with lounge chairs where you can relax and gaze at the stars. And as you may be reluctantly aware, camping doesn’t really come with private bathrooms and facilities for a shower, while glamping can often give you private bathrooms with showers and some even feature Jacuzzi tubs for the perfect ‘me’ time.

How you will prepare and cook your meals

With camping, preparing and cooking your meals can be an adventure in itself, especially since you have to do a lot before you can actually eat – you have to collect firewood and start a fire. You also have to bring your own utensils and cooking pots and pans. You can bring your own portable stove, of course, which can make your camping holiday much easier. But glamping involves cooking meals without having to light a fire or collect firewood – more often than not, glamping will provide you with complete kitchen amenities and facilities where you can easily prepare a meal without too much effort.

Glamping and camping certainly have some glaring differences, but it’s all up to you which kind of activity suits your preference best. Some people love camping and everything that comes with it, even the bugs and cold, damp ground, while others prefer the true luxury and comfort of glamping. In the end, it’s your choice, but you can always try both. 

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