Your Quick Guide in Grilling Chicken

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Barbeque and grilled chicken are some of the most famous dishes of every gathering or simple family night. People love to eat tender chicken meat with drinks and salad. Whether you are a newbie or you want to get more knowledge about grilling, here are some useful tips for you:

Cut the chicken perfectly:

It is one of the biggest mistakes to grill large pieces of chicken (chicken breast fillets, bones, or leg pieces) without cutting. Due to the large surface area, the heat fails to reach every part of the meat and you get unevenly grilled chicken at the end. Sometimes, it took more than average time to grill those pieces completely. So, we recommend to cut those pieces into smaller pieces and skew those pieces to quickly grill the chicken.

Cook the boneless part first:

Grill the chicken in an order that is: start from the boneless part and then grill the bones. Cook the meat perfectly from both sides and check the chicken if it is properly cooked or not. make sure that there is no uncooked meat left on the thick areas.

Butterfly technique:

This is one of the most efficient methods to grill the chicken expertly. Cut the backbone in the mid and the chicken will look like a butterfly. It will lie flat so it will be easy to cook the whole chicken efficiently like a pro.

Marinate the chicken:

To get perfectly flavored chicken, marinate it with spices and yogurt for 0.5-2 hours. And if you love grilling rotisserie chicken then we advise you to brine the chicken before grilling it. Then season it and grill it on a rotisserie rotator.  Now, built-in rotisserie in Gas grills is also available in the market that saves the effort of using additional spinners.

Grilling tips:

Maintenance of the grill is very important. Clean it thoroughly and check the fuel or gas supply. Do not forget to place the lid on the grill or if it has no lid then cover it with something else. Maintain the heat and check the temperature.

Mistakes to avoid while grilling chicken:

  1. Here are some mistakes that people often do while grilling:
  2. They often forget to brine or marinate the chicken.
  3. They do not dry the chicken before grilling.
  4. They forget to cover the grill.
  5. They do not maintain the temperature.
  6.  They do not use salt and spices in a proper proportion which leads to salty or tasteless meat.
  7. They add the sauce right after putting the meat on the grill.
  8. They do not maintain and clean the grill after use.

Final thoughts:

It is very easy to grill chicken as many types of grills are available in the market. Some come with automatic temperature control and others do the cleaning by themselves. However, it is suggested to clean the racks after grilling as it will increase the age of the grills. Do not go too close to the heat, it could cause damage.