The best entrepreneurs begin as freelancer as they grow the brand into a viable business. It is at the nursery stage that many would’ve-been-entrepreneurs drop out or even lose the best ideas. Enlist the professional services of a homework assistant to write my dissertation to enable you focus on your entrepreneurial ideas and enjoy a relaxed college experience.


Weak ideas have made it past the transition phase while brilliant ones were lost. The loss is attributable to mistakes that happen during transition yet they can be avoided. Here are mistakes that freelancers transitioning into entrepreneurship should avoid to guarantee success.

1. Ignoring Your Position

The freelancer becomes the engine of the entrepreneurship project. Whether it takes off or fails depends on the actions you take or do not take. The freelancer is the carrier of a dream that will only be delivered when the right actions are taken. Here are mistakes that freelances make during transition that will cripple a potentially good entrepreneurial idea.

Thinking like an employee– what time do you report to work and how much do you do? You cannot report at 8 and leave 5 while remaining the lead entrepreneur. Such behavior will lead to lost time and opportunity. Successful entrepreneurs work overnight or several days with minimal breaks. Put in the hours to save on human resource expenses and outsourcing.
Sticking to a single role– at the beginning, you will be the accountant, board of director, CEO, and cleaner. You serve in marketing and will have to answer phone calls or update social media. Hiring staff at infancy may cripple your operations. Multi-task until a point where the company can support desired employees.
Failure to pay yourself– initially, entrepreneurs do not get a salary. However, it must be entered in record and accounting books. It will result in erroneous accounting if your pay is not included leading to deceitful profits. Your accounting must reflect your expenses, whether you take the salary or not.

As the entrepreneur, you are the carrier of the dream. Your position must go beyond that of an employee. It also lends the organization the work ethics and culture to be followed by everyone who joins at a later date.

2. Low Pay For Demanding Work

Pricing is a major problem for freelancers transitioning into entrepreneurs. In an attempt to push the product or brand, the entrepreneur ignores the need to make profit or even cover cost. The excitement or pressure to sign the first client results in losses. You end up doing too much work for a client who is not giving your value.

While low pricing and discounts are encouraged, they must be within a reasonable range. Avoid creating a cycle that puts you in more debt. The initial client must also realize that it is a discount and will be augmented upwards at an appropriate time. It sets the company on a profitable path.

Initial planning must involve accurate pricing. Even the first client must offer a reasonable break-even pay for individual product or services, though the overall company is not breaking even. Such clear pricing also helps you to avoid different packages for the same product or services. It will also give you confidence that your product is valuable.

3. Failure To Work With Professionals

Initial steps are filled with uncertainty and minimal finances. However, do not be deceived into ignoring the need for a professional foundation in your business. Hire a competent accountant, IT personnel, writer, and such other crucial staff to set up the company.

You may also outsource, but still ensure that you are dealing with professionals. You avoid working in a deceitful environment where figures are not real. Professionals will give you the perfect launch pad and take-off speed.

Incubation hubs provide excellent technical support that would save resources on hiring staff. However, you have to give up some equity. You may engage friends, family members, or interns during initial stages. For instance, an accountant advises you on taxes so that you can avoid penalties in future when the company will be needing the finances.

Freelancing is the perfect start point for an entrepreneur because the sales volumes are low and resources limited. It is the transition that might proof tricky. If you can avoid these mistakes, the launch will be smooth and rewarding.


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