Five Stunning Walks In & Around Paisley

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Many of us are looking for ways to get more in touch with the outdoors. Spending most of 2020 inside has left most people longing for a stroll in the countryside. Us Scots are no different, and the area of Paisley has been a popular location for nearby hikers and ramblers.

Looking to stretch your legs on the trails of the Scottish lowlands? Well, here’s a short list of some of the best walks in and around Paisley that will shake off the cobwebs and get the fresh air that we are all in need of this year.

Killoch Hill

The hill located just outside of Paisley is one of the most popular trails in this part of Renfrewshire. Leading on for roughly 8 kilometers, this pleasantly moderate trail boasts beautiful views of the nearby towns and Scottish fields. Caught at the right time of year and the walk is decorated in stunning wild flowers, and is also home to groups of highland cows.

Whether you want to walk, run, or ride up the steady ascent up to Killoch hill, you and your family will find it to be a fantastic trip out.

Paisley Discovery Walk

The town of Paisley is one that is full to the brim of interesting sights and architectural delights. While there are plenty of plotted walks to take you up close to some of the town’s best sightseeing locations, even a random stroll through the town is a great experience. See iconic spots such as Paisley Abbey, Paisley Town Hall and Sma’ Shot Cottages.

Barshaw Park

This recreational parkland is a public access space in the heart of Paisley. With 55 acres of space, Barshaw Park is a roomy and open area suitable for all types of families.

For a simple walk, you can easily circle the perimeter of the park, passing the park’s beautiful gardens as well as its sizable pond.

The park also hosts plenty of facilities to make it a worthy day out. Free options include the model traffic area, the park’s walled garden, as well as the disability-friendly play areas.

Gleniffer Braes Country Park

Just south of the main town centre of Paisley, Gleniffer Braes is a gorgeous park filled with expansive vistas and dense woodlands. Offering everything you’d hope from a Scottish countryside walk, Gleniffer Braes has everything you could ever want to see: water-side views, flora, fauna—you name it! One of the most picturesque locales in Renfrewshire, this park is perfect for kids, photographers, bird-watchers, or just pairs of relaxing couples.

Stanley Castle

Not too far from Gleniffer Braes Country Park, this peculiar sight is something that could only be seen in Scotland. Partly submerged by the Stanley Reservoir, this 15th century building is all that remains of a once impressive castle. In the early 19th century, the castle was sold to the Paisley Water Company, who made the reservoir that exists today. While not accessible to the public, the chance to see such a strange and unique construction is worth the trip