After being cooped up for months, the Great British weather is now quashing any chance of enjoying the last of the summer season before kids start heading back to school. However, that doesn’t mean that families can’t have fun at home! There are tons of activities for children of all ages and lots that parents can get involved in too. 


So, if you’re looking for rainy day activities that keep everyone occupied for hours, check out some of these games, entertainment, and activities that are perfect for all ages.

Make a home cinema experience 


Visiting the cinema is a bit of a novelty at the moment, so why not recreate the experience at home. Set the TV room up with everything you need for a movie night or make a day of it and grab the duvets and cosy up for a whole day of fun films. To accompany the movie, get some popcorn and snacks to make the experience even better. 

Try an escape room at home 


If you have older kids and want to really test their creativity and logic, why not try an escape room at home. A real escape room experience is fun and intense, and you can get all this from the comfort of your own home. This example from Epic Escapes has three in one box so you can have hours of fun in a race against the clock. 

Bake some treats 


Who doesn’t love a sweet or savoury treat! If you’ve been baking-mad over the past few months, why not perfect your skills with a few more experiences? Baking is a great way to get the kids involved, and you can turn it into a fun game or Junior Bake-Off style challenge to get their creativity going. What’s even better is the fact you can eat them afterward!

Visit the library


While visiting the library will be slightly different than previously, many are opening up again to enable you to borrow books and resources. While you might not be able to stay longer, it’s a great way to get the kids out and get them to choose their favourite books to take home. There is often a range of educational resources and games that can keep them occupied too. 

Throw a party or picnic 


While all their friends might not be able to visit, that’s no excuse not to throw a party or indoor picnic. You don’t have to go wild with the decorations but get in some party food and drink and bring in some cuddly toys and dolls as guests. Why not pop on some music too and have a little disco to turn up the fun. 

Make an indoor treasure hunt


If you’re looking for something to test their problem-solving skills while having some fun, why not create an indoor treasure hunt. Most kids love solving puzzles and the excitement of finding treats along the way. There are lots of treasure hunt examples online and just give them a bag each to collect the goodies and send them on the hunt around the house. 

Build a cushion and duvet fort 


Kids of all ages love building little hideaways, and there’s nothing better on a rainy day to make a fort with blankets and pillows. Let the kids play for hours among the sofa cushions and duvets. Plus, you never know, it might help them snuggle up and chill out for a while. 

Make some music 


While it might not be the quietest activity on the list, making music is a great way to entertain them. If you don’t have a drum kit to hand, use cooking utensils and pots to make a racket. You could also opt for quieter homemade instruments such as sloshing water in a bottle or shaking uncooked rice in a container. 

Make something for a loved one 


If the kids haven’t seen some family members in a while, why not get them to make something special for the next time you’re able to visit. This could be anything from writing a personal letter or making some cards. For older kids, why not get them to try their hand at jewellery making or painting something. Just get some craft supplies online or in the supermarket and unleash their creativity. 

Get outdoors 


While this list focuses on indoor activities, you could also head into the garden for some outside fun at home. Taking inspiration from some of the above, you could extend the treasure hunt to the garden to make it even more exciting and challenging. 


If you want to enjoy a mini staycation before back to school season comes, why not camp out in the back garden. Set everything up for the night under the stars, tell stories, toast marshmallows, and hopefully avoid the downpours. 

Learn a new hobby


For tweens and teenagers, games might not be the most fun idea. However, it’s a great time to encourage a new hobby. Thanks to the Internet, there are tons of options to try including things like music lessons that can be taught online. Some hobbies can be accessed and learnt at their own pace, while others have teachers available online via video. If you have a skill or talent that you can pass down, why not teach them if you have time. 

Go on a virtual excursion 


If days out have been limited of late, then treat the kids to a virtual excursion.   Some many locations and attractions are conducting virtual tours so that you can walk around and experience them for yourself. You don’t have to stop at exploring places in the UK either! There is a host of international spots that are opening up their virtual doors to visitors. You could check out the Great Wall of China or head to the Louvre in Paris for the ultimate cultural experience. 

Embrace technology


It’s hard to get away from technology, and today’s kids will be fluent in the digital world throughout their childhood. While it’s important for some time away from it, it’s also an excellent tool for creativity. It could be a great chance to encourage (parent-approved) TikToks or starting their own YouTube channel. Plus, there are tons of apps out there that are perfect for kids and don’t take over their life.  Get some exceptional Cinema Room in House that is unique and offers the best experiences. 

Have a virtual hangout with friends 


Lots of kids have missed out on vital interaction with their friends over the last few months, so it’s a great time to encourage some virtual hangouts before they get back to school. Why not get lots of your kid’s friends together virtually and encourage interaction to help get all the excitement out of the way before they head back to school. It gives them a chance to chat about everything that’s been happening and what they’ve been doing over the past few months. That way, it’ll also help to alleviate any apprehension about going back to school and getting stuck in with routine again. 


These are just a few of the things that you can get your kids involved with over the next week or so before school starts again. While some outdoor activities will come back over the next few months, it’s a great idea to have something up your sleeve for those rainy days and unexpected events that could see more time spent at home. Plus, let’s not forget; these activities also might help you get some time to relax while the kids occupy themselves for a few hours. 


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