Quarantine and pandemic situation has become a disaster for the usual way of life of many people. Closed fitness centers, favorite restaurants and clubs, museums, and even parks, staying at home for a long time, affected millions of people all around the world. But some people see opportunities there, where others see problems. Lots of students all over the world think that it’s just the right time to try new sports. At the same time, some university students managed to raise money for charity.


University of Sussex’s Netball Team Run the Length of the UK


Georgia Lambert and Eve Moseby are the presidents of the Sussex University netball team. They encouraged 34 members of the netball team to run 44 km each. Together it became the length of the UK!

Students wanted to support the NHS during the quarantine, saying that the sportswomen students used to have professional medical care all the time and wanted to appreciate medics’ helping them in times of pandemic danger when medical care becomes more important than ever.


As a final goal, the team had to raise £1000, but surprisingly they raised the incredible £4555 sum. The team feels incredibly proud of themselves, and all the members are a little ashamed for having no opportunity to thank each supporter. Nevertheless, it was a great help for the medics and the greatest moral aid for those struggling with covidepression.


Virtual 10K Run


Kelsey Van Scoy, a QS team member, managed to organize an event on Facebook. The point was that she and her friends had to run or walk 6.2 miles on the 31st of May and make a post about it on the event page. Such challenges are especially viral during the pandemic time because people have lots of spare time and energy and are just waiting to put it to work somewhere. It was not only a great challenge, but also a great way to stay active during quarantine. Read more on https://paperap.com

Virtual running is almost like the real one, but people are running in their backyards, inside their homes, and so on. Before the quarantine, it was just a funny way to spend the time, but now it is almost a legit sport!


Instagram Challenges


There are a lot of challenges that were started on Instagram that millions of people tried to take part in. One of the most popular challenges is the “Run for the Heroes” challenge: you have to run five kilometers, nominate five friends, and donate 5 pounds to the NHS. It has become a great motivation for many people to start running, even if they didn’t like it before. People managed to collect £4.5 million for NHS Charities Together.


University of Portsmouth’s Sports Teams Run 12,160 km for Charity


At the University of Portsmouth nineteen sports clubs managed to unite around the idea of collecting money for NHS charity. Everything started from a netball club. They decided to run during one week and share it through social media to collect money for the NHS. Then eighteen other clubs joined, setting their own distance. The total goal was to achieve the across 430 people taking part. By day five of seven athletes had already reached their goal but continued the challenge. Each club was giving their all and running crazy distances. When the week ended and teams started to submit the score, they noticed that challengers managed to run 12160 km in total and raised 3965 pounds, which is almost doubling their starting goal in 2000 pounds.


Adoption Flashmob


Staying home alone may be very depressing, especially when you are bombarded with bad news and anxiety. Taking a pet home is a great idea, and the students all over the world have already become pet parents. They share their adoption stories or just volunteer to help the shelters or donate to them. It’s always great to spend time with pets; it is very relaxing and rewarding, but giving a stray animal a chance to have a happy home is incredible. Adoption rates have skyrocketed during the quarantine, mostly due to the students who now have their furry friends to share home learning and distant work with them.


Charity is always a good idea, especially during disasters and other dark times. This pandemic has become a real exam for the health system of every country. Medics had to work a lot more than before the pandemic began and deal with danger each time they had a call. In such a situation, support can be useful not only in money count and goods bought for charity money. Psychologically feeling support and appreciation of people you work for can save the day when you have to work in an atmosphere of stress and danger for weeks. Young people deciding to support their medics during a pandemic made a great step and became an example of human responsibility and good will.


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