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Did you know that bed bugs are among the most common and the most persistent intruders that could possibly nest under your sleeping mattress? In case you still haven’t discovered that fact the hard way, we are here to tell you a bit more about bed bug infestation, bed bug control, and finally – what types of smells could you use to repel bed bugs from your immediate surroundings.


Some basic facts about bed bugs

Knowing your enemy makes half the victory. So, here are a few useful (and rather unpleasant) details about these little invaders.

  • The most common reason for domestic bed bug infestations is traveling. They migrate by attaching on people’s clothes, handbags, and cases, making it back home with them.
  • “Bed” bugs do not only live in beds. Your mattress and bed frame, of course, are still their most typical habitat. Yet, bed bugs can be found on sofas, couches, chairs, wood floors, and carpet edges.
  • When feeding on people’s blood, bed bugs literally “inject” their victim with anesthetic saliva, to keep them from feeling the burn and moving away.
  • Bed bug bites can cause minor irritation, severe itching, poor sleep, and harsh allergic reactions. Symptoms can be hard to recognize if you haven’t encountered this type of problem before.

Sounds pretty repelling, doesn’t it? The good news is – you can scare those unpleasant little creatures by using a few very effective homemade solutions.


The smells that will keep bed bugs away from your home

Trials, experience, and professional conclusions gather around a shortlist of overpowering bug-repellent fragrances:

  • Lavender, widely popular as the most efficient natural odor against different types of pests and insects;
  • Peppermint, proven to scare bed bugs away in a matter of hours;
  • Tea tree oil also shows promising results when used against bed pests;
  • Other essential oils that lay claim to killing and repelling bed bugs are cinnamon oil, blood orange oil, eucalyptus oil, lemongrass oil, paraffin oil, and silicone oil, and spearmint oil;
  • Alcohol is even capable of killing bed bugs in particular cycles of their life. Rubbing alcohol into your skin can save you from being bitten. Yet spilling alcohol onto your mattress probably won’t solve your bed bug problem for good.
  • Garlic is also not among the favorite scents of bed bugs. Spraying a boiled garlic solution will definitely make them uncomfortable, and still, it can make you uncomfortable too.
  • Cayenne pepper is a type of hot spice that can also be your ally in this uneven battle. Anyway, keep in mind that it can cause irritations to your own skin too.

Some pretty conventional, and some rather exotic – these smells are proven to have sound effects in the battle against bed bugs. But what if you want to be even more ruthless against bed pests?

Professional bed bugs removal is fast, safe, and 100% efficient. Toxic Respond when reaching out to pest control in Croydon, Barnet, or the rest of London will help you destroy bed bug colonies once and for good. We will use steam and specialized pest-repellent solutions to make your sleeping environment clean, fresh, and healthy once again.