Has the lockdown filled you with boredom? Do you want to stay in touch with your friends during the social-distancing period? Do you still want to play with your friends but don’t know what game to opt for? Do games keep you entertained? Are you a fan of playing poker?

If the answer to all the above questions is a ‘yes’, then get ready to try your chance and develop skills by playing poker with your friends. Aside from sports betting from the best UK betting syndicate, Poker is one of the best online games for adults. Here is a list of the best apps to play poker online with your friends. And if you prefer gambling on your desktop, you can visit online Gclub casino and enjoy limitless card games.

Does self-isolation make you feel bored? Do you want to stay in touch with your friends during a time of social isolation? Do you still want to play with your friends, but don’t know which game to choose? Do games entertain you? Are you a fan of the game of poker? Then you can help yourself pass the time and enjoy the game, and this is where you can help: newcasinos-au.com/bonuses/200-free-spins-no-deposit

1.  PokerUp: Poker with Friends:

PokerUP is the leading games to play with friends online. It has a table for three players at a time. Although it does not include gambling with real money, it is played amongst the adults only. It allows to access the contact and invites up to 3 three people from your contact and initiate the game. The other benefits that are the highlights of the match include message while playing, applying night theme and simple settings.

2.  Pokerrrr 2 – poker with Buddies:

Pokerrr 2 is an online app that allows one to play with your friends by simply logging in and creating a room. The referral code for the room can be shared with your friends, and they will be ready to initiate a game with you. The app allows one to win prizes, but again it cannot be redeemed, or the experience cannot be applied to playing real poker. Although it’s one of the leading apps, it contains ads.

3.  Zynga Poker – Free Texas Holdem Online Card Games

Unlike the other apps, these apps bring in a lot of features that make it exciting to play. This app allows authentic poker experience from the tables around the world; it also lists many tournaments that help a new challenge every time and allows for multiple players. The app has many leagues and will enable them to challenge new friends and new friends.

4.  Poker Games: World Poker Club:

This game falls in the space of Holdem tournaments and allows for bonuses most of which can be found on scr888-vip.com. The significant benefits include free chips on a good play, deluxe benefits, participating in the world tournament and enables to play as a guest via any other social media platforms. These apps have additional gifts and awards that are attractive, the achievement of which can be shared amongst your friend.

5.  World Series of Poker – WSOP Free Texas Holdem

WSOP is one of the oldest game on the poker platform. Like all the other games the money earned is not transferred into real money. The major attraction of this game includes the collection of bracelets, achievements of ranks and attending tournaments. As the player plays, there are free chips that can be earned along with bonuses. It also links the prize to platforms like Facebook.

6.  Poker Online:

Another game under Heldom Company is the popular poker game. It is ads-free and allows playing of two tables at a time. There are four types of games, namely Texas hold’em, Omaha, & stud and Draw poker. It is user friendly and allows playing with random people from around the world. This game also allows the experience limited to online, which cannot be applied in the actual world.

7.  Poker Club – Private Texas with real friends:

Poker club is the only game allowing voice chat with the friends and provides statistical data of the performance of the player from over a week’s data. It allows to analyse the strategies used by the player on the opposite table and allows easily invite to the friends.

8.  Poker Championship Online:

Poker Championship allows you to choose the opponent from the given list of cities and play with them in an online tournament. The app provides various leagues which are competitive and allows thousands of real players online. It is the only app which allows playing for free for a certain period of time. The app allows chatting with the friend, using voice notes, sending emojis and saving the player for re-match again as per the choice.  You can try some awesome mobile poker apps on Fliptroniks.


Although none of the games which are mentioned above not necessarily include the real transaction of money, these applications help in getting a good virtual experience of playing poker online with friends. Interested in online gambling? Visit this casino rating.

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