Roller blinds are one of the most popular types of blinds, if not the most popular type of window blind. Being one of the most popular blinds means that they are very common, most homes around the country have at least 1 set of roller blinds somewhere, but despite the popularity of roller blinds, not many people know how to measure for them to get them made to measure, so we spoke to the DotcomBlinds team to find out the best way to measure for your blinds and when you’ve measured and ordered your blind, they have this great guide on installing roller blinds for you to read.

First Things First

Measuring for roller blinds is a simple task but you must consider a few things before you start measuring, it’s important to have these in mind before you measure as you may need to slightly alter your measurements to ensure it fits well without getting caught on the sides of the window recess.

Firstly you need to choose what sort of fix you’ll want your roller blinds to have, there are 2 main options here:

  • Top Fix, a top fix blind is installed in the recess of the window and the brackets installed facing down on the top of the recess. This will mean your blind is within the recess in the wall which contains the window, there will be a deduction to make but luckily most made to measure blinds retailers will make the deductions for you.
  • Face Fix, a face fix blind is installed on the wall outside the recess facing outwards. You won’t need to make any deductions, but you’ll want your blind to be a bit wider and longer than the window to ensure it’s covered by the blind.

You’ll also want to consider what operation system you want to use and what side it will be on, if you will have a chain you don’t need to make adjustments, but if you use a crank or wand you’ll need to allow for some room for it to be and ensure you have space near the blinds to move the operation.

To measure your blinds you’ll just need a measuring tape, it’s best to use a metal tape rather than a fabric one as a fabric measure may dip and distort your measurements

How To Measure For Top Fix (Inside The Recess)

This is an incredibly easy task to undertake, for your recess fit blind simply measure the entire width and drop of the recess, so top to bottom and wall to wall. When measuring the width of the recess, you’ll want to take measurements from at least 3 points on the wall (as the recess will not always be uniform in width), then use the smallest of the 3 measurements.

How To Measure For Face Fix (Outside The Recess)

To measure for outside the recess blinds, simply just measure the entire width and drop of the recess, so top to bottom and wall to wall. Once you have these measurements you’ll want to add some overlap to reduce light leakage, so you’ll want to add at least 70mm to the top and bottom of the drop measurement and 50mm each side of the width measurement.


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