Did you know that construction is the leading industry in terms of workplace fatalities?

Not to mention a whole host of injuries including broken limbs, head injuries, fractured bones and lacerations.

Furthermore, it’s not just your employees that you need to think of when it comes to the safety of your construction or building site, you also need to keep the site secure for members of the public.

From improving employees communication, to providing adequate PPE, to investing in security alarms, keep reading to discover how you can keep your construction site safe and secure in six simple steps.

1.    Focus on effective communication

The simplest way to prevent on-site accidents or injuries is to focus on improving your current communication techniques. This is because the quicker and more effectively you can talk to your employees, and them amongst themselves, the easier it is to alert everyone of any hazards or potential dangerous situations that could pose a threat to the safety of both your team and the public.

2.    Install scaffold security alarms

Within the M25, scaffold security alarms are a legal requirement for all projects that require scaffolding and are becoming increasingly popular throughout the rest of the UK due to their ability to deter thieves and protect children and teenagers who might try to climb up your temporary structure.

RaiderVision can provide you with a high quality Scaffold security alarm that is 100% cable free, fully armoured and will not pose as a hazard to workers using the lifts.

3.    Provide PPE

PPE, personal protective equipment, is necessary for anyone who steps foot on your construction site, whether that be the construction workers themselves or site visitors. If you are the site manager, it is your job to ensure that everyone is wearing proper construction PPE such as protective helmets, safety shoes and reflective vests.

A failure to do this can result in serious injuries or even fatalities.

4.    Eliminate trip and slip hazards

Both trip and slip accidents are extremely common on construction sites, yet in most cases they are easily avoided. One of the simplest ways to prevent these types of accidents is to make sure that you keep your building site clean and tidy.

Ways in which you can do this include:

  • Storing tools safely away when not in use
  • Creating a designated waste area
  • Keeping access routes clear
  • Fixing any broken or faulty tools

5.    Keep areas well lit

Keeping your construction site well-lit is a highly effective way to deter criminals, making them easier to see and alerting passersby of their presence. If you can, keep your lights on all night as this may make intruders think that workers are still on-site, making them less likely to break in.

6.    Invest in a virtual guard

A fairly new concept, if your site is prone to theft or break-ins, you may want to consider investing in a virtual guard. Much more effective than a person, a virtual guard can sweep your entire site in a matter of seconds and instantly alert you or the p


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