The release of bitcoin in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto marks the beginning of the cryptocurrency era. Trading bitcoin is a “cool” way to make profits nowadays, mainly by Millenials. People trade to make profits, and nobody likes to lose money. Although many times people end up losing money. Well, when it comes to trading, we have to stay optimistic.

A bitcoin trading bot is a software that trades bitcoin on its own, on your behalf. Trading bots have also been used before the release of bitcoin, to trade forex. According to Investopedia, a trading bot conducts trades and executes transactions on behalf of human investors. They have successfully helped people throughout their existence to make money.

Is it easier to make profits using a trading bot?

Making profits by trading bitcoin is harder for beginners, although it might be easier for experienced traders. Taking into account that bitcoin is very volatile, it gets tough to catch the right time to pick a trade since you cannot sit in front of the screen nonstop to monitor it. Here come trading bots. 

A good option for beginners to make profits trading bitcoin is to use a bitcoin trading bot. There are many trading software out there, but you must be sure that you pick one that is credible. 

One of the best bitcoin trading bots out there is Bitcoin Up, which is programmed using the wisdom of guru crypto traders with years of experience trading for Wall Street firms. This bot was founded in 2016, and its users highly review it.

To open an account is easy. You have to go to their site, register, deposit, and start trading. There is not a lot of money needed to start trading as you can invest as low as 250$ to get the full benefits of trading with this robot. If you want to know the details related to this bot, read more here.



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