Glasgow is on the itinerary of most European adventurers and travellers to the UK from further afield. It’s a Scottish city shrined in history, culture and beautiful architecture. In fact, over three million people land in Glasgow every year to join residents to feast on the thriving doorstep nightlife.


We cover all basis to teach you the basics of Glasgow nightlife here. From casinos to theatres, and of course – bars, learn all you need to know with us.


Unique Things to Do on a Glasgow Eve


Evening entertainment in Glasgow is never in short supply. There are, of course, the obvious options, such as hitting a bar or nightclub, but the city has some other great options. One of them is the casino scene with some top establishments serving up classic casino games, steak dinners and delicious cocktails and beers. The UK online casino market may be bursting with options – check out this guide for the best online casinos in the UK – but a Glasgow casino like The Alea or The Grosvenor is going to give you a memorable experience.


Other unique options include Glasgow Escape Rooms where you and your gang can try and break out of a room with riddles and clues. Glasgow is also home to some of the best theatres in the world, including the stellar 100+-year-old King’s Theatre and the Theatre Royal Glasgow.


But If You’re Here for the Beer…


If you want to keep your Glasgow adventure simpler and hit the best bars in town, there are so many options to choose from, including:


  1. The Pot Still


Situated on Hope Street, you’ll love this joint if you love whiskey. The bar is packed with hundreds of bottles of famous Scottish whiskey, but lesser-known, it also is home to fridges of famous German beers. The perfect place to start your night!


  1. Arta


Arta is a venue that is modelled on a Spanish townhouse and based where the old cheese market took place. It also does everything, from classy cocktails to tapas dining, and it even transforms into a sophisticated nightclub.


  1. The 78


Maybe you’ll visit The 78 to cure your hangover the next day by eating their homecooked meals. But it is also worth visiting on an evening. Blow off the winter chill with the in-house open fire, or bask on a special sunset out the front during summer evenings. It’s picture-perfect all year round!


Glasgow’s Music Scene

There are lots of little hideouts to enjoy some music and local bands, but for the bigger acts, you will want to head off to the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Here is where the city hosts some of the most famous artists. There will be a good chance something is on when you visit with over 250 performances taking place here each year!


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