Working from home has become the new normal for many office workers. While remote working can cut a busy commute and will allow you to spend more time with your loved ones, it can also offer many distractions that could impact your productivity and performance.

If you’re struggling to focus each day, or want to improve your efficiency, read the below advice on how to adapt to remote working.

Plan Your Day

As you will not need to physically leave an office each day, it could be tempting to cut the day short or to work longer than usual. As a result, this can lead to a poor performance or cause you to burn out. To power through your task list and care for your health, you should plan your day. For example, set an alarm to start and finish work. You also should prioritise tasks and set deadlines for various tasks.

Schedule Breaks

While many employees might be distracted by the TV or social media, some might have less spare time than they did when they worked in a bustling office. For example, they might have extra tasks to complete to help a company to survive the ongoing pandemic, or they might feel extra pressure to perform when working from home.

While you might have many tasks to complete, you could improve your focus and productivity levels by taking breaks throughout the day. For example, it might help to set time aside for meals and exercise. It will allow you to take a break from your task list and return with more focus and enthusiasm.

Separate Work from Your Home

To excel in your role each day, you will need a quiet office space to work in that’s free from distractions, such as family chatter. A spare bedroom can provide an ideal space within the home as you can close the door on any noise. However, it could lead to children knocking on your door for your attention or you could feel tempted to switch off your computer and turn on a TV. 

To separate work from your home, it might be worthwhile picking a summer house for your garden. It could be ideal for those looking for a private office space that’s free from all distractions, and double-glazed designs will ensure you will feel comfortable when working during summer and winter.

Host a Digital Happy Hour Each Week

The transition from office to home can be difficult for many hard-working professionals, as they could miss the camaraderie of an office. If you’re starved of adult conversation and want to connect with your colleagues each week, both you and your team could benefit from a digital happy hour

For example, you could invite your colleagues to join you for a Zoom or Microsoft Teams video meeting to chat online and enjoy a drink. It could be the perfect way to end the working week and help you feel more connected to your co-workers and employer.


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