Traveling during the rainy season can be bothersome and adds up a level of complication that is often overpowered by the beauty and unique experiences. In some areas of the world where rain is almost pouring, they can be described as the monsoon season. For frequent travelers, there’s not much you can do about the rain, but there are several ways to prevent it from destroying your important documents and soaking your things when traveling.

Pack waterproof items

Whether there is rain or not it is inevitable you’ll get wet. Your belongings will get soaked. Don’t put so much thought about it because there is little you can do. Pack items that can help to keep your valuables dry under the rain. A lightweight jacket that is water-repellant and can easily be folded to your bag will be a lifesaver especially if you’re strolling the city. Getting a waterproof backpack, for traveling and daily use, will help to keep your items dry. Do not forget to inspect the zippers and seams thoroughly as they are likely the place for water to enter and bag companies don’t bother to waterproof them at all.  A reliable travel umbrella is a must as well to protect you and your bag from the rain. This small investment could save you from a lot of hassle and time.

Bring a Resealable Plastic

A resealable plastic is a good accessory for frequent travelers and one that’s worth keeping in a bag when traveling. When the rain starts, just put your valuables like phone, wallet, passport and other valuable items into the plastic and reseal it. As long as you seal it properly, everything inside will stay dry no matter who drenched your bag gets. In general, bring as many as you need. If you are carrying a computer or a tablet, consider buying a case for it or a large plastic if it is available.

Bring a Poncho

When everything else fails, consider taking a disposable poncho in your bag. They’re made up of plastic, so they are thin and light in weight and should easily cover your bag if you get caught in the rain. 

Use a Rain Cover

Investing in a water-repellant backpack is good, but it won’t keep its magic forever. Adding a layer of protection is an advantage and buying one is a cheap and useful investment. If the brand that makes your backpack offers an optional rain cover, it’s worth paying a little extra to get it. There isn’t much to distinguish between different models, but it’s important to get one that fits your backpack. Too large, water can leak around the edges. Nonetheless, be sure to leave it dry and clean once you get to your destination to prevent from creating the displeasing smell.

Protecting your items from the heavy downpour won’t do much good if you don’t bring these items with you. Whether your apps tells you that there is no chance of rain, it is always good to be prepared.


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