Instagram is one of the most dynamic social platforms where people can realize their talents as a blogger. Getting more real likes on Instagram is a primary concern for everyone. Faves are the silent equivalent for approval and appreciation in the Instagram community. See the most effective methods to gross many likes for a short time!  The guiding principle in shopping for Instagram engagement is, buy Instagram likes from reliable sites, so you’ll enjoy the perks of such a boost to the fullest.

Purchasing Likes

The most simple way to increase your stats is to buy them. A bigger number of likes also means that your post will be appearing to more users. That’s how the algorithm of Instagram basically works. Many people use this method to boost their metrics at the start of blogging career. Here we would like to drop a piece of advice – don’t go too big at once and start with smaller numbers such as 20 Instagram likes. Taking smaller steps will be helping to see how it works for you. Thus you can adapt your workflow for organic growth.

Remember, that the likes that you purchased would worth nothing if you don’t put a big effort in work with your real audience.

Create Epic Content

This is vital. Likes on Instagram were primarily designed to show viewers’ attitudes to the content they see. And even though since its launch Instagram has changed a lot, the little hearts are remaining the iconic currency for this social network.

But people want to see high-quality content. The more time and effort an influencer puts into his profile, the more likes he gets as a result. Here are the main rules, that you should follow if you want to gross more double taps with your content:

  • Choose a niche and be consistent in your topics
  • If possible, purchase a good professional camera
  • Develop your unique style and maintain it
  • Learn the essentials of Adobe Lightroom and mobile editing apps
  • Plan your posts ahead

Enter The Instagram Engagement Groups

Engagement groups on Instagram are people’s communities that agreed to like each other’s posts and leave comments. This method is based on mutual support between the members of this group. Members can be running blogs on the same niche, or not having common topics at all. The number of likes can increase in a few minutes from zero to hundreds, depending on the member’s quantity. Usually, fellow users start a chat where everyone can drop a link to the post they want to promote.

This method only works when you collaborate with other people. If you will not leave like or comment on other users’ posts, they will kick you out of the group at least.

Buy Instagram Followers

Having a large following is a great way to gain brand recognition and have people hear about your product or service. But how do you get them? The answer is simple: you use an app to get Instagram followers. The Small Business Blog can help you choose the best among many, so you can start growing your account immediately.

With more followers, you come across as more popular, relevant, and authoritative to those who view your content. This subsequently encourages more people to follow you, helping you get more followers on Instagram. When you buy Instagram followers, you instantly boost the size of your audience and the appeal of your profile

Encourage Your Followers

Another effective way to improve your stats right now is by asking your followers to leave likes on your post. The proper term for that in social media marketing is call-to-action or CTA. It is one of the truly helpful tools to get more likes. You can easily turn it into a game, where a like is equal to a lottery ticket. With the changes in the news feed algorithm of Instagram, influencers and brands have to use CTA’s for maintaining their popularity. Even if you don’t have a large audience yet, CTA’s can be useful to you as they help to build a stronger relationship with your followers.

Hashtags And Other Kinds Of Tags On Instagram

Hashtags are an effective tool that helps you to get in touch with your target audience and have more likes. A popular beginner mistake is to consider the overall hashtags like “instamood”, “instalife”, or “instaphoto” to be helpful. Using these will not bring you more hearts. Your posts will be simply lost on endless streams of images bearing these hashtags. By now the number of posts with the hashtag reached the mark of 237 million and continues to grow.

The right thing to do is to stick with hashtags that are related to your niche and are interesting to a particular audience. Make a list of most relevant hashtags and add them to your posts in different groups. Use Hashtag Generator tools if you don’t know which hashtags you should be using.

Besides hashtags, Instagram offers other ways of reaching out to your viewers:

  • Location tags. According to the latest research, posts that have a location tag are far more engaging than the ones without! Hence that is a good method to gross likes!
  • Tagging featured accounts (brands in the first place). It may be a surprise for you, but adding tags of products or brands that are shown in your content can work out really well! Doing so gives you a good chance for appearing on the “Explore” page and drives users to your profile.

Post Regularly And Choose The Perfect Time For Posting

People are getting used to consistent posting quickly. After you start showing a scheduled posting on a regular basis, you will notice the bigger amount of hearts sooner than you think. No need to roll out more posts. It is much better to make fewer posts, but at an established time. To increase the effectiveness and get more double taps, find out at what time of the day your target audience is active the most.

A Word To Sum Up

The secret of getting more IG likes without losing much time is in constant working over your blog. Simply buying likes is not enough. This purchase can only serve as a lever for boosting your results. The main thing that you have to do is create something worth attention. High-quality content, along with consistency and proper hashtags is a clue to increase your stats in short terms. Good luck!


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