Unwanted hair is perhaps the single most troublesome part of growing up. For many youngsters crossing teenage, this is the most torturous part of adolescence. Other signs of the teens may wear off but unwanted hair is a genuine problem most of the time. Laser therapy has thankfully changed that.


How does one prepare for a laser treatment?

Before going under laser hair removal treatment, it would be a good idea to study its repercussions. What may seem as great to be free of the unwanted hair, it would also be important to understand how light is passed from the laser through the pigment present in the hair. Although this may seem permanent with just a few pin pricks, there are no real guarantees whether the unwanted hair will not return. However instant this may seem, lasers are administered through light beams and these actually burn the hair follicles. While this sounds great, there are a lot of measures you need to keep up with.

For starters you would need to stop all creams, scrubs, glycolic acid and retinol creams at least two days before the treatment. Dermatologists often mention the dos and don’ts to your skin prior the laser treatment. Importantly, you’ll need to avoid sunbathing and exposure to the sun as much as possible before and after treatment. In case you have been sporting a tan, you’ll need to get rid of it before the treatment, as it interferes with the laser results. Since most laser treatments are done in batches, the schedule for your next sitting may need to be monitored. This would mean all your holidays and important dates need to be discussed before the actual process starts.

Facts and Myths

There are several benefits to a laser treatment. However, you’ll need to bear in mind that most of these treatments come with several new routines that you will need to follow in a disciplined manner. The basic premise of a laser treatment is that once the hair is removed from a destroyed follicle, it will not grow back. However, follicles grow over a period of time. In case it had not grown completely, chances are that it has not been destroyed completely either. Simply put, these follicles once grown will bear some hair in them. So what may have revealed smooth on a patch of skin may have some growth of hair too? Only the targeted hair that has its follicle burnt will not grow again. 

Thus over some period of time, the hair follicles will greatly reduce, though not disappear completely. Interestingly, whether the hair grows again or not is dependent on numerous factors. Skin type, skin colour, the type of hair re-grown, and the proficiency of the doctor that has worked on you are all factors of a successful laser sitting. 

The good news though is that when the hair re-grows too, it is very negligible and less noticeable than before. This is perhaps because the laser that has damaged the follicle has stunted the hair growth even though not completely destroyed. So when the patch re-grows, you would need to go for your next sitting. Often the practical hazards of hair re-growth are the length of the hair. Short hair takes a while to re-grow, and sometimes the hair quality is too light for this removal method.


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