Instagram marketing keeps on changing, and as such, you need to adopt new marketing tactics is you are to survive in this Instagram marketing era. Not so long ago, the use of Instagram hashtags on posts was a common practice, and it brought some good results. But does it work today? Of course not, unless coupled with other marketing practices.

Every marketing practice must have an element of geo-targeting. This is where you want to focus only on people from a certain region. For online marketing, targeting some of the world’s big economies such as the US, UK, and Canada is common. But how can one grow his Instagram popularity in such regions? This post provides tips that can help you increase your brand popularity on UK Instagram accounts.

1.     Create an appealing profile

Your Instagram profile is the first contact point for anyone who visits your brand on Instagram. This makes mandatory that you work on it and make it stand out of the million other brands on the platform. To increase your popularity on UK Instagram users, you have to convey what matters to your business. Let the profile tell users what your business is all about, what you do, and some of your achievements. In the profile, you should also include your website URL so that those who would like to learn more about your business can visit and learn more.

2.     Make your posts stand out

Unlike many other social media platforms, Instagram is a visual platform. The visual appeal that your posts have makes all the difference between your posts and those of your competitors. And since there are tens of thousands of other brands similar to yours, you have to make every post easily recognizable. This way, you can be sure that your brand’s popularity in UK Instagram will increase.

And you don’t need too much to make your posts stand out. All you need to do is to stick to the same signature filters and maintain the same style of photography. This way, your posts will be related to each other, and thus easily recognizable.

3.     Get more UK Instagram followers

While gaining popularity in the UK Instagram market is always the preferred way, it doesn’t just come. It might take many years before you start seeing UK Instagram accounts follow you. To kick-start the long journey of getting followers in the UK, you need to think about buying some followers. And many online sellers can give you guarantee followership from the UK Instagram users. You can get followers at a very low price from and start increasing your popularity in the shortest time possible.

4.     Engage your followers

To increase your brand’s popularity on Instagram requires a little bit more than just looking for followers. You must learn how to keep your current Instagram followers, especially from the UK, interested in your posts.

One way to ensure this happens is to keep them engaged. Let them discuss your posts in comments and give you suggestions of what they’d like to see in your next posts.  You need to encourage them to comment by replying to their comments. This will eventually lead to a discussion, and more and more people will join in. This way, you can get a lot of feedback and improve on the posts.

Engaging your followers online from a specific region is critical as google algorithms will use the engagement rate to rank your posts higher in that particular region. If, for example, more people are visiting and spending a lot of time on your profile in the UK, then google will rank it higher in the UK, thus increase your popularity.

5.     Don’t ignore hashtags

Yes, hashtags are somewhat old-fashioned in the marketing industry. But never ignore them since they can give you an edge in the competition.

Instagram marketing is very competitive, and every technique needs to be deployed. Instagram hashtags can help you reach Instagram users that are not necessarily your followers, thus widening your reach. If your posts are interesting and educative enough, then you can get a lot more followers through the hashtags.

But even as you use hashtags to reach new people, you must not use irrelevant hashtags, as it doesn’t add any value if you have a lot of followers who cannot be converted to benefit your business brand. Focus on hashtags that are close to what you do, those that can describe your business.

6.     Ask for response

Sometimes it helps if you tell your followers what you expect from them. As a social platform, Instagram can be sued as a two-way communication channel. Just tell your followers to share your posts, like them, and leave comments. This can work miracles for you, as once your followers from UK have shared the posts, their followers will see them and mig