While usually people seem to love discussing about their ailments and general health problems and issues, there are a few exceptional cases. And one of them that make men stand out is the health condition known as Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is not an ailment that only affects older men. Studies show that it persists equally amongst the younger generation, and most of the times these difficulties are caused due to their unhealthy lifestyles. Basically, it implies a life-long problem with performing the act of sexual intercourse which may lead to the person never being able to satisfy their partner. 

Fortunately, nowadays we can find many different remedies to help with ED and similar problems. One of which is kamagra (made from sildenafil) and its well-known counterpart in the USA — Bluechew (also made from sildenafil).
Should you want to find out more — we recommend this review of Bluechew here. And now let’s continue.

Here walks in the magical potion known as Kamagra. Pop a pill and eliminate your worries in a short time. Now, Is there any actual difference between Kamagra in Tablet form and Kamagra Oral Jelly? 

Yes, there are a few differences between them!

Kamagra as Tablets vs Kamagra as Oral Jelly

Initially there was only one over-the-counter treatment for ED some year back, the drug was known as Viagra. While Viagra is still marketed today, it’s sales have gone done due to many rival companies taking over. Initially, only one company had the rights to produce Viagra, Pfizer. 

But once the patent for Viagra expired, Pfizer did not deem it necessary to renew the patent. This led to many smaller companies producing rip-offs of the Viagra drug but at a much cheaper rate, as they did not have to do as extensive market research or experiment before producing as of such. These duplicates of Viagra could be manufactured with much lesser amount of money and investments were not an issue. On the other hand, these drugs were formulated to have a shorter start time and a stronger and longer effect in comparison to Viagra. 

While in earlier years you would need to have a prescription in order to buy Viagra from any pharmacy, these new counterpart managed to hit two birds with one stone in this scenario. Now, you do not need to Harbour a prescription in order to get the drug and you can have them delivered any where you want by just buying them online through trusted sources


Now, while there may be a number of differences between the Kamagra tablets and Kamagra Oral Jelly, their base is completely the same i.e. The drug Sildenafil. Sildenafil is the major component in both of these drugs. While the ailment of Erectile dysfunction can be treated using various methods, The oral PDE type 5 inhibitor treatments like Cenforce 100 and Vidalista 20  are the easiest to use and work immediately. And the active ingredient in most of these drugs are Sildenafil Citrate.  It would serve well to know that patients who choose to use the oral jelly regularly should consult their dental hygienist for advice on the effects it could have on their teeth. Depending on the patient’s lifestyle, using the oral jelly should be checked by a Hounslow dentist to be sure that it will not negatively impact healthy teeth or any other dental work like implants.  If used frequently,  there should be added precautions to prevent the jelly from affecting the patient’s oral health. Many medications that are not used in a tablet format can leave a residue that could result in mouth sores or tooth decay if not used with precaution, and if such damage occurs, the pill form might be a better option to switch to.

It’s basic quality is that it stimulates the muscles and blood valves to allow free flow to your nether region, which improves blood flow to your genitals and helps to create a better erection for more satisfaction. After you intake the drug, it helps you to have an erection that stays strong and lasts long to give you your best sexual experience. The science behind the drug Sildenafil is that, as the drug enters your blood stream, it takes over and stimulates the muscles present in the penis to relax. 

This in turn leaves it with no control or hold over its blood flow over the affected area. Once this happens, there is easier and much more blood flow into the region which leads towards the formation of an erection. But it is also important to note that the drug only affects the applicant’sbody only if they are sexually aroused at that moment. If not, then the drug fails to work its magic. And hence, this allows men to Harbour a better erection when they want to  garner maximum satisfaction

Other than the component of sildenafil, there are also other active ingredients involved to offer maximum help to the recipient. These drugs also contain Dapoxetine which is a notable ingredient as while one helps to have a stronger erection, the other helps to prevent early ejaculation and prolongs the overall experience, once again killing two birds with one stone. And now a man can enjoy the pleasure of sexual intercourse at least 3 – 4 times longer than average, thanks to Dapoxetine. 

So Which Form Of Kamagra To Choose?

Although drugs like these, coming under the PDE 5 treatment and surgeries, are the most effective while trying to counter the cause of Erectile Dysfunction, they do not come Cheap. Each type of treatment is usually quite expensive and due to its non-life threatening issue, Insurance firms do not even foot the bill. So when any man seeks treatment for ED, they must be prepared financially to carry out all the expenses. But over the years, companies have realised this disparity and hence they started manufacturing these products at a suitable price keeping their target audience’s financial situation in mind. Hence, these alternatives are much cheaper than the expensive treatments and these can be sourced from anywhere. These tablets and oral treatments are both feasible and effective in a shorter period of time than the original Viagra. 

During the early 2000s, scientists conducted research and even found out and published results claiming that sildenafil, the premier component is actually a safe and effective solution towards helping men overcome their erectile dysfunctions. Later, Kamagra even got approved by the US FDA and was declared safe to be used by men. 

The research was composed of a large group of men between the ages of 36 years – 63 years of age and all of them had previously been diagnosed with a case of ED. They were given varied dosages of Sildenafil to measure the difference and the results did not disappoint. After about a week of usage, scientists found out that a dosage of 10 mg. Of Sildenafil would enhance an erection for approximately 1.3 minutes, 20 mg. Of Sildenafil would prolong the experience by 7 minutes and about 50 mg. Sildenafil could enhance it by 11 minutes. 

On the other hand, it is also important to keep in mind that these treatments must never be consumed with alcohol as they would turn out to be ineffective and hey would also pose a chance of heart attack due to a mix of its various components. Like any other drug, Even Kamagra tablets and gels harbour side effects with prolonged and continuous usage. While the side effects are only temporary and are not life-threatening, they do cause discomfort. According to research, consumption of these drugs cause dizziness, redness of skin near the facial region, headaches, diarrhoea and pain in muscles and joints. In case these symptoms stay for a prolonged period of time, do not think too much and consult a doctor right away. 

So then what are the exact differences between the Kamagra Tablets and the Kamagra Oral Jelly? While Kamagra Tablets must be consumed with water approximately45 minutes before the onset of sexual intercourse, Kamagra Oral Jelly can be consumedjust 15 minutes before performing the act. Also, while the tablets take around 30-40 minutes to start working, the oral Jelly is absorbed into the blood stream quickly and takes about 10 minutes to start off its effects. Also, while the tablet is said to be of a bad taste, the oral Jelly comes in various flavours ranging from chocolates to strawberries. On the other hand, both of them last for the same simulated time period, 5 hours based on the dosage. 


If you prefer the cheaper alternative, then you should go ahead with the Kamagra Tablets are they cheaper by a small margin. 

Otherwise, the Kamagra Oral Jelly wins as it has better properties than the tablet. The Kamagra Oral Jelly produces the desired results with 10-15 minutes of consumption as compared to 30 – 40 minutes. And also it is much easier to consume, as the applicant does not have to chew it and it is available in different flavours. 


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