The hearts day is just right around the corner. There’s nothing more special than celebrating this Day with your partner over a romantic dinner with the best wine pairing. There’s just something special about sharing a bottle of wine with your loved ones.


Whether you’re cooking a romantic meal for two, or going out, there’s something about wine that makes the experience pleasant. Because of this, you want to find the perfect bottle that matches your romantic dinner.

Go for reds

Whenever you think of Valentine’s Day, you instantly think of the colour red. Red wine’s creamy texture, intense flavour, and seductive colour are perfect for this occasion. This wine is ideal if you want something timeless, bold, and classy. 


Cabernet Sauvignon

This variety is the most famous red wine all over the world. Cab is widely planted and produced in Napa Valley and Bordeaux, with flavours of plum, dark cherry, spice, cedar, and oak. 


It is a full-bodied wine that is perfect for heavy dishes like ribs, meat, heavy cheeses, and sausages. Cabs to try are Hogue Beringer Knights Valley.


Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is seductive, mild, and flavourful. Its flavour consists of tomato leaf, beetroot, cherries, cola, and plum. This wine is versatile and can pair perfectly with tuna, sushi, salmon, meats, and poultry. The bottles to try are  Stoneleigh, Cloudline, and Gallo of Sonoma.



If you’re still a newbie in drinking wine, then this variety could be the perfect red wine for you and your partner. It is light and fruity and doesn’t taste as strong as other red wines. Because of its mild taste, it is best paired with burgers, pasta, and vegetables. 


Merlots from Bordeaux are blended with Cabernet Sauvignon to lessen the tannin level. A well-known bottle of this blend is a Bottle of 2005 Latour Wine – 1.5L.


Dine with white

If you’re still not into red wines, then you might want to pop a bottle of white wine for your Valentine’s dinner. It’s lighter taste will complement well with the food that will be served during dinner. 



This wine is most common in America, especially when people do not want to get drunk quickly. It is the most planted white grape in the world. It is widely produced in Bordeaux, Russian River, Burgundy, Champagne, and Carneros, California. 


It offers flavours of green apple, pear, and vanilla. Because of its mild flavour, it is best paired with seafood, rich cheese, creamy pasta, savoury chicken, and mild fish. When shopping for Chardonnay, try to look for Benziger, Columbia Crest, or Kim Crawford. 


Pinot Grigio

This wine is fresh, dry, and acidic. It has hints of citrus, salt, and sea breeze tones. It is a people-pleasing and an easy-to-drink wine that is the safest to bring when you have dinner at your partner’s place.


It is best paired with carbonara, white cheese lasagna, green salad, salmon, or any light seafood dishes. Go ahead and try Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio DOC, King Estate, or Josmeyer. 



It is a bright and tangy wine that is widely grown in Mosel, Phalz, Wachau, Alsace, Clare, and Eden Valleys. The taste of this wine can range from dry to sweet, depending on its alcohol content. The taste has hints of green apple, lime, jasmine, and petrol. 


It is best paired with strong-flavoured dishes such as sushi, spicy appetizers, ham, fruit sauces, light fish, and light pork dishes. The famous Rieslings to try are Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling, Kuhl, and Kendall-Jackson. 



This wine is made from muscat blanc grapes. It is most recognized for its sweet and orange-y flavour, and also has hints of peach and nectarines. It has low alcohol content, and best paired with fruits and other desserts, such as fresh berries, biscotti, fruit tarts, and other light appetizers. 


Celebrate with some bubbles


Champagne is the most common wine with bubbles. It is commonly used as a celebratory wine, but it can also be served during your romantic dinner. Moët & Chandon, Pol Roger Brut, Krug, Billecart Salmon Clos Saint, and Ruinart Brut Blanc de Blancs are the commonly known Champagne bottles to choose from. 


The cheapest of all wines! This wine is from red grapes, with skins peeled off before fermentation. It is sweet with hints of mango and strawberry, perfect for salmon, vegetable salad, and fresh fruit. 


The popular rosé bottles are Edna Valley Vineyard Rosé, Triennes Vin de Pays du Var Rosé, Château Puech Haut Prestige Rose, Le Grand Noir Rosé, and Villiera Tradition Rosé Brut. 




Valentine’s Day is one of those special days that you can celebrate with someone special. Some may celebrate during the daytime over lunch, but others generally celebrate during dinner time. So, make your Valentine’s Day dinner memorable with the right bottle of wine for you and your loved one


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