One of the most fundamental parts of the essay writing process that students neglect is revision. Unlike editing, whose main focus is correcting the errors they come across to warranty that their work is error-free, revision is the process that necessitates the evaluation of the argument and ideas that make the essay as well as refining them to develop style, nuance, and focus. When students fall with not reliabel services, they just buy an executive resume from trusted professional service and get excellent resume.

Well, this is not a bad tactic to embrace. But after writing your paper, you need to go through it to try out your writing. Additionally, it grants you the freedom to make a draft that is less than perfect. However, with a lot of freedom, you may be uncertain of where to start. Hence, below are some revision strategies for writing that you can use. 

Make small changes

When revising your paper, do not rewrite the whole essay. Your work only needs some adjustments and not you rewriting the entire paper. So, make small changes when revising it. For instance, ensure that your paragraphs show the relationship between one another. Use transition sentences to show this relationship. Also, warranty that the whole essay coincides with the essay topic as well as the thesis statement. If you are not content with your revision technique, visit the website and ask for essay samples. After viewing professional samples you can compare your essay with it.

Take multiple passes at a piece of writing

The last stage of the essay writing process is the proofreading process. This stage involves editing and revising the essay. However, these two are distinctive. Editing, as aforementioned, involves correcting the errors you come across when you proofread your work hence strengthen your essay whereas revision is assessing your argument and ideas. 


So, when revising your essay, you should be patient and take multiple passes at a piece of writing. Revise each section of your essay at a go. Go step by step and ensure that the idea you present in that paragraph has a relationship with your essay topic and thesis statement. 

Create a checklist of aspects to evaluate and correct during revision

It is evident that essay writing is a burdensome and overwhelming task for many college students. And since you know how good your writing skills are, it will not be difficult for you to spot the areas which challenge you when it comes to managing your assignments. So, when revising your essay, create a checklist of the features that require evaluation and correction during the revision process. Note down some of the areas which challenge you when writing your essays. Then after writing your paper, go back and have a look at these areas when revising your article. Evaluate and correct them before handing in your paper. 

Develop a schedule for revision

Another integral revising strategy that you can use to revise your essays is developing a schedule for revision. It is evident that you will tire out after writing your essay. So, you need to develop a schedule for when you will be revising your essays. And while at it, ensure that you begin your essay writing task early so that you get time to revise your paper. And do not procrastinate it for a later time. This will force you to submit your essay without revising it and the deadline would have already approached. 

Proofread twice

Proofreading is a fundamental stage in the essay writing process. It is where you ascertain that your work is error-free, complies with the essay writing instructions and guidelines provided by your academic instructor. Additionally, it encompasses checking whether your essay has a smooth and systematic flow as well as making sure that it is unique and original. 

So after revising and editing your essay, ensure that you proofread it more than once. You can also proofread more than twice. This is to warranty that it meets these requirements. Moreover, if you want to get that A that you have always been dreaming about, proofread your work more than twice. You can also give your friend or classmate to proofread it for you. Or, you can ask for assistance from the specialists of


In conclusion, it is essential to revise your essay after you are through with the writing process. This is because it is a crucial stage of the writing process just like all the other stages. Revising your paper enables you to warranty that it corresponds to the essay writing guidelines, has a smooth flow, and that you present your ideas in a coherent and articulate manner. But since it is a stage that requires a lot of work, you may be unsure of where to start. Nonetheless, the above are some tips on how to revise an essay that you can use as a guide.

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