SD cards may seem like simple pieces of plastic with some silicon inside them, but these are fragile pieces of hardware with complex circuitry inside them. Despite this, and the fact that SD cards can hold your important files, very few people seem to treat SD cards with the care they deserve. It’s not uncommon to see people just tossing their SD card into their bag or in the back of a drawer, and then hear them complain about substandard products and whatnot.


The main reason your SD card keeps giving up on you is probably that you haven’t been cleaning it, you’ve stored it in the worst conditions possible, and you throw it around like it’s some common piece of plastic. Your SD cards are bound to cause problems even if you buy them from a reliable vendor, like Bulk Memory Cards SD cards.


Today, we’re going to give you some tips on how to take care of your memory card and get the most out of them for the duration they were originally intended to last!




First and foremost, don’t throw your SD card around without thinking twice about it. Also, when you’re inserting it into your device and taking it out, try to be as gentle as possible and don’t just yank it out. The better you treat your SD card, the longer it will last so be nice!




Most manufacturers will offer you a small plastic case or sleeve with your SD card. We can assure you that the manufacturer gave you the case for a reason and does not have a penchant for wasting its money. That case is provided so you can keep your SD card protected from dust and other environmental factors. Half of the work is done for you as you don’t have to find a case for yourself, so just use it!




While you may not be able to see it, but dust can easily get into the small recesses of your SD card. Use a soft cloth to wipe your SD card regularly and keep it clean. Dust is the worst thing for the circuitry inside the SD card and if you don’t keep it clean, chances are you’ll lose your data and your SD card.




Water and SD cards don’t go well together. Keep your SD cards away from water at all times and store them in a dry area. 




Magnets will erase all the data in your SD card, plain and simple! In fact, even if your SD card isn’t right next to a magnet and is just in the general magnetic field coming off it, you can end up corrupting your data. This is why you should keep your SD card away from magnets and any devices which might contain one such as refrigerators, cell phone mounts, and speakers.




Switching your SD card between different devices can also cause issues. Different devices will have different components to read your SD card and these differences can have an adverse impact on your SD card’s performance. They don’t cost that much anyway, so just buy a new SD card for each of your devices.


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