Types of Handbags You Should Have in Your Closet

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Handbags are an essential item in the closet of a woman. But which type is the best for the women?

Best Handbags

Are you the kind of woman who wants her hands on the best luxurious handbags? Well, if yes! Then you are serious about your personality. You may have many handbags in the wardrobe but there are 5 types that you must have.

Indeed, everybody does not have the same lifestyle. Every woman has its own choice of style and luxury. But some types are necessary for almost every woman for any scenario. Many women like different brands as I like Michael Kors Bag. But all of these brands make almost all kinds of handbags for women. Another important thing is to have a bag big enough that you can carry around every day. Some bag types are suitable for evening parties.

Essential Types of Handbags for Women

There are the following 5 Essential Bags:

Hobo Bag

You can fit all the essential daily items in a hobo bag. The best thing about them is they make you feel relax and more of a slouchy. This type can suit a great number of personalities such as natural style personality, Euro-chic style, and Bohemian Style. You can use this handbag with any casual dressing. Moreover, this type is available in different sizes which is good. You can easily find the perfect size for your personality.

Tote Bag

You can fit as much in this type as you can in a hobo bag. Almost every woman has this type in their closet. Because it is the most common type that women use in everyday routine. They use this type while going to work or while shopping. At the start, these bags were made of canvas but now they are available in a great number of materials like leather, etc. It is a large, useful, strong and stylish bag. You should invest in this bag as it is mostly used by women.

If this bag is not of your type then you can use its alternatives such as hobo bag and satchel bag.

Satchel Bag

Another great alternative for a day-to-day bag is satchel.  However, there are some differences in the style of a satchel and tote bags. It is more of a traditional bag but there are also many other designs available too. You can choose any color that suits your outfit and personality.

Crossbody Purses or Shoulder Bags

No matter which type of tote you choose or what is the length of straps. You can either put it over your shoulder or carry it over your arms. Women usually do this to keep their hands free. This type is really handy when you are traveling or shopping. You can easily move around and you do not need to use your hands to carry it. Some women like to choose a smaller crossbody bag so they can carry only essential items such as a smartphone and wallet.

Clutch Bag

All of the above types are suitable for daily routines but what if you need to go out in the evening. In the evening, a clutch bag is a great choice. You will not want to carry a crossbody bag to ruing your elegant outfit. You need to carry it in your hands, but it is a great choice for evening events. It is also perfect for events like dinner, and wedding. In these kinds of events, you only need to carry your wallet, phone, and lipstick so this small bag is suitable.

If you want a bag that you can use with any outfit then choose a neutral shade. You can use taupe, metallics, leopard print, and black. These colors or shades are perfect for your dressier outfits.

Canvas Bag

This type is a great choice for going on vacation or shopping in a super mall. In these situations, you need a bag that is made of relaxed materials such as rattan or canvas. It can be used as a beach or shopping bag.

Travel Handbags

These are special kinds of bags made for traveling. If you like to travel a lot then you must have this special travel handbag in your closet. You will not want to carry your bag and miss out on the beautiful sightseeing. You should keep your hands free so you can fully enjoy your traveling.

Designer Handbags

You can also opt-out for designer handbags. You can afford them as an investment as you can use them season upon season. So, you need to think about how much use you can get from your bags and how many years you want to use them. You can then be able to get the cost per year for your handbags. In this budget, you buy various designer bags or can buy bags made of high-quality materials.

Leather Handbags

There are various handbag designers out there. Which designer is your most favorite and what material he used to make the handbags? One of the best materials is leather which is a great option for any type. A leather bag can last for a long time. It does not age very well, which means you can use it for years.

Bag Trends

Another thing to keep in mind while buying any handbag is the trend. There are many handbags that you can use year after year but there are also bags that are seasonal pieces. Seasonal means a bag that you may only use for summer.

As you can see that there are lots of brands and types for the handbags. There are bags available for any event. There are many things that you keep in mind while buying a handbag. First of all, you need to make sure that the bag is made of high-quality material that can last for a long time. Moreover, you need to make sure that the size fits your body size. Moreover, it is comfortable and looks beautiful.