When it comes to betting on football, it is regarded as one of the most popular types of sports bet across the globe. But sometimes it gets tricky when unfamiliar terminologies are being used. Even though football is a simple kicking ball game but when it comes to betting some terms are problematic to understand for laymen.

Just like football betting terms are sometimes difficult to understand, the same way it is hard to find a trustworthy betting site to start with. Efirbet is a betting review site where you can find original reviews regarding leading online bookmakers. With unbiased reviews, you can start your betting career with no regrets. But before you jump in it, you need to understand every football betting term. So here is a glossary of most common football betting terms used in sports.

Ante Post Betting

Bet is placed weeks, months or years before the event happens. Usually, this bet is made on teams that participate in the World Cup before the tournament start.

Asian Handicap

An advanced bet type in which you bet across many sports to even out the imbalance. It is for two teams facing each other in the game. It levels up the odds of both the teams towards even.

Handicap Betting

Also referred to as ‘Spread Betting’, in this one team is given an imaginary deficit that they ought to overcome during the game. The results if odd is made more attractive when there is more to overcome.

Over/Under Betting

Sometimes abbreviated as O/U Betting, you predict a certain event to happen under a specific total. For example, predicting the number of goals the team will make.

Half Time/Full Time Betting

Sometimes known as HT/FT Betting, it is made on the results at the half time or the full-time of the game. With the correct prediction of goals for instance after half time wins the bet.

Double Chance Betting

With the model of 1×2 from the full-time result betting with two outcomes is double chance betting. You can back the home team to either win or draw (1x) or draw or lose (x2) and even win or lose (12). This covers two outcomes of the bet.

Combination Betting

In this, you can build your bet making you the controlling one. It works by adding several bets together and making it into one big bet. It has multiple selections and all the selections have to be won.

Outright Betting

The bet is placed on the result of the tournament and not on the single match. Betting on the World Cup is the most popular bet.


The bet is made on actual gameplay but before that first, last or anytime goalscorer is selected. If the selected goalscorer does not start the match, the bet is over and refunded.

No Goal No Bet

Betting is made on which team will make the first or the last goal of the game. If the match finished with 0-0 the bet is void.


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