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Why Is America’s Public Transport Bad?

Local authorities are closely monitoring the state of public transport. The most frequently used are the metro, buses, taxis, and electric trains. The work of transport has been established and perfected over the years. However, is everything really that good? This transportation method always has some disadvantages. The most common negative aspects for each kind are listed below:

  • Metro. It is a very quick and cheap way to get to the right place. However, your stuff like a wallet or mobile phone may be stolen, and the subways are often very dirty. It is hard to feel protected there, not to mention comfort.
  • Taxi. There are a lot of yellow cabs in big cities. As a rule, taxi drivers are immigrants who do not know the city well. So, getting to the place you need may be difficult. The prices are also rather high.
  • Electric trains. They can get you to the city from the suburbs or vice versa. Nevertheless, most often, you still have to use another mode of transport, for example, bus or metro. Besides, as usual, there are a lot of passengers in electric trains.
  • Bus. Probably, it the most comfortable public transport. Buses in the US are large and comfortable, and they have air conditioning. The ticket price is usually not so high. Nevertheless, a bus always follows the route, which may not coincide with the places that you want to visit. Therefore, in such cases, either two bus routes or two kinds of transport have to be combined.


The USA is a country of great opportunities, beautiful landscapes, and magnificent roads. To explore all the parts of this country, it’s better to use the convenient premium car rental service. A comfortable leased car will help you realize the full potential of your desires and get new positive emotions by combining work and rest.


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