The disputes about the safety of vaping do not cease. Tabloid headlines shout how bad vaping is, but the medical research by Public Health England maintains it’s much safer than smoking. So let’s try to get to the true and check what are the advantages and disadvantages of electronic cigarettes.  


Pros of Vaping:

  • No Smell Of Smoke

One of the pros of vaping is that it doesn’t produce stinking smoke unlike smoking usual tobacco cigarettes. The unpleasant scent from smoking lingers in clothes, hair and pieces of furniture. Mostly smokers themselves smell like an ashtray. Vaping allows to avoid the odour entirely. You and your environment won’t smell of smoke anymore. Contrariwise, you will smell gently of mint or fruit. 

  • It’s Less Dangerous Than Smoking

Public Health England (PHE) states that vaping is 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes based on their extensive research. The organization released a short video of an experiment, that reveals the amount of tar accumulated in lungs of a heavy smoker comparing with lungs of a person who vapes. The video of the experiment looks really impressive. 

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, vape cartridges have full control over the nicotine. E-liquids come in different nic levels, varying from nicotine-free to high-strength ones. Nevertheless, nicotine is a highly addictive chemical, so you need to select a right level of it at the beginning of your vape journey, decreasing it gradually and reaching the cherished zero nicotine level. This way you can avoid excessive irritability and other consequences, that could appear in the process of quitting smoking. It helps you to say smoking “No” forever. If you think to buy vape online, enter to check the best vape deals uk

Cons of Vaping:

  • Some E-cigarettes May Be Expensive

There is such an abundance of vape devices, that some prices may exceed £150. The price depends on the brand, features and so on. Commonly the more expensive the vape device is, the more additional settings it offers. However, there are still vape kits and pod systems devices, that are compact, comfortable and cheap.

  • Looks Like Smoking

People may take vapor of e- cigarettes for tobacco smoke. They might be concerned about the vapour effect on their health watching you vaping and are afraid to be around you. Nevertheless, according to latest medical researches the second hand vapour is almost not harmful for health in comparison with tobacco smoke. 

  • Possible Side Effects

It’s uncommon, but side effects of vaping may occur. Some vapers note dry mouth, sore throat, headache, coughing, nausea and chest pain. All the above symptoms can actually happen from giving up smoking and sudden nicotine cessation. Also, the side effects may appear due to wrong nicotine strength of the e-liquid, bad quality vape device or e-juice. It’s crucial to buy vape stuff in trustworthy specialty shops. The vape marketplace that has gathered best sellers and manufacturers of the vaping industry is Vawoo. Buying there you can be sure you’ll be safe vaping. 

Summing up, vaping is a viable option for those who have decided to quit smoking. However, we do not recommend vaping to underage people or those who have never smoked, just like we wouldn’t recommend CryptoCasinos or Indiafreespins to underage people.. Vaping is not simply a cool thing, it’s a tool that helps to get rid of tobacco addiction. Take care of yourself.


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