Scotland is such an innovative market with their new recyclable building materials, their constant efforts to assist people with memory loss illnesses like Alzheimer’s or Dementia, their Angry Birds that have flown across almost all screens in existence and of course their developments in tidal energy innovation. 


It’s a place where ideas thrive and are supported, where business is welcomed and collaborations are paramount to the success of not just the nation of the country but also the betterment of the world. With all this in mind when you do travel there for a meeting then you will need to have a bit of knowledge in your back pocket, like for instance will it be cold? This is a given that most of Scotland will be cold during the winter months however during the summer months it can be hot as well, so best to pack things that you can layer with, thermals and a large coat so that if the day seems nice you can go out in a suit and still feel warm when the weather turns and if it’s torrential rain then the coat will cover you well. 


Scotland is a large place and there are a number of different airports that you may arrive at, 6 main ones to be exact, so your journey from Edinburgh airport to the city centre, which can be done via coach, takes around 30 – 40 mins however if your business is Glasgow and the flights were cheaper to Prestwick then your travel is an extra 30 miles from the airport and in this case you might want to hire a car, a comparison site that stands out against the rest is EnjoyCarHire they get the best deals and have a fair fuel policy. 


The locals are friendly in the majority of the beautiful lands however their accents are quite thick at times and didn’t understand them the first time just ask politely for them to slow down and repeat it again, treat them politely and they will do the same, the Scots are like that. Booking ahead of time is always a must if you’re travelling to somewhere like Edinburgh, Booking.comAirbnb and other operations like this operate throughout Scotland to assist you in getting the best deal. Not all whiskey is the same, this is a country that is proud of their heritage of fixing a drink so allow them to guide you to something you may enjoy, then share that with your business partner and they will adore you for being out of the ordinary, respecting them and their world. E


Edinburgh in August is next to impossible to find accommodation so if you are heading there for The Fringe or for a business trip, consider rescheduling for either before or after August, if it’s a must then ensure you book early and keep a close eye on who you are booking through.