What is Device as a Service and What Can it Do for Your Business?

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Almost every single organisation in today’s business world relies on technology to get the day’s work done, but with the speed that technology progresses, that technology becomes outdated quickly. 

Employees expect to work with the latest and most up to date technology, equipment and services, especially when their work relies on that technology. It can be expensive for a business to continually update and buy new hardware, which is why many businesses are turning to Device as a Service (DaaS) as a more cost-effective solution. 

If you are wondering exactly what DaaS is and how it can benefit your business, then you are not alone. 

What is DaaS?

Device as a Service is what it says on the tin; it is a contract per device that provides the hardware you need, alongside analytics, support and end-to-end lifecycle services. 

DaaS gives your business the freedom to have the latest hardware and devices with options to update when and where you need to, without the need for huge spending costs. 

Regularly updating IT departments can be expensive; DaaS from Xeretec provides a cheaper solution with long-term effectiveness. 

What are the benefits?

DaaS has many benefits over traditional leasing and purchasing. 

No More Obsolete Tech

Buying products, like computer software, will inevitably leave your business with outdated technology and no option but to upgrade out of your own pocket, with great effects on your IT budget. 

When using DaaS, you can use your business’s IT budget much more effectively and provide your employees with the technology they need to make your business succeed with the integrated upgrades that the service offers. 

Easily Adjustable

Teams change and shift over time, and therefore so does the need your business has for specific technology. With DaaS contracts, you can change the number of devices on your contract easily to reflect your business’s needs. Unlike buying upfront where you have that number forever until you buy or sell, DaaS provides you with flexibility to adapt to changing demands in your business. 

Expert Support from Your Provider

Support for both the devices and their software comes as part of the contract. If a service isn’t working, you can contact your provider and they will fix it for you. This will save time during the workday for your IT department; they can focus on what’s important, which is driving your business forward. No longer will hours be lost because of IT issues. 

Visibility of Costs

When purchasing new technology as and when your business needs it, it can be difficult to predict the cost of upgrades, the scale of them, and when they are needed. This makes it difficult to plan your business’s expenditure and future costs become invisible.

With DaaS, all the costs are visible and easily planned into your budget. Your contract will not change unless you alter it yourself. It is much easier to plan your business’s IT development costs with a service like this. 

Device as a Service is the best choice for any growing business; it allows you to upgrade, change and see your costs like no other option could.