Jewelry is a complement that most women love. However, not all of them have the same value and cannot be carried on the same occasions. Of course, the costume jewelry is very pretty, but none compares to the precious metal ones. Among these, gold ranks first.

Associated with glamour, purity and courage, gold, for example gold crucifixes, offers us endless possibilities to enhance our appearance, as long as we know how to choose and wear jewelry made of fine metal.  Crucifixes from House of Joppa offer great value.

To start, you have to know what the karat amount of the jewelry is. This is important. These indicate the proportion of gold and other metals in the jewel, a fact that is also reflected in its price (you always have to doubt the so-called “bargains”).

Thus, the most expensive will be the 24 karat gold jewels, in which there is no alloy. However, the most used in jewelry are 18 karat gold jewels, which contain 75% gold and are also called First Law Gold (the Second Law is 14 carat).

In addition, we must take into account the type of gold jewelry according to the shades that are formed as a result of alloys with other metals. The most appreciated jewels in this area are those of yellow gold (75% gold, 12.5% ​​silver and 12.5% ​​copper) and white gold (75% gold, and approx. 12 % palladium and 13% silver), which are generally seen in engagement and wedding rings.

Taking into account these considerations, it is necessary that at the time of buying our jewelry check that it contains a guarantee mark of the place where it was made. And if it is too small to have it, then we must request that it be contrasted with an additional plate or metal to rule out that it is fancy.

Choose the one that suits your style

Of course, it is not only a matter of choosing gold jewelry because they are the most expensive, but of leaning towards those that best fit our style, according to the clothes with which we are going to combine them and the occasions in which we shine them.

When it comes to mastering the art of choosing and wearing your gold jewelry, a timeless piece like the 3 gram gold ring can be the perfect addition to your collection. Explore their exquisite designs and expert tips to enhance your style effortlessly.

In case we find it very difficult to choose, stylists recommend having a base set, for example, a chain and a bracelet, in order to add other gold jewelry that varies between classic and modern to more easily adapt to any situation. By the way, metal is best enhanced on dark colored clothes (black, chocolate and garnet are ideal shades).

As additional advice, it should be noted that jewels embossed or with many details look better when shown directly on the skin or on a background of dark and very smooth fabric. Of course, if we have a long neck we will have better fit chokers, while if it is short, long chains (not wide) will be more recommended. Let us choose with great discretion and good taste. We hope you can choose your gold jewelry well after reading this post. Good luck!


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