For the last decade or so, CBD has become the go-to remedy for inflammation, pain, and stress. It’s also gaining significant traction in the running world. Runners and endurance athletes are now turning to CBD oil for benefits such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory effect 

During competitions and training, runners tend to experience joint inflammation. It’s even worse for retired athletes and amateur athletes. However, with the help of CBD oil, athletes can reduce joint inflammation as well as the long term cost of replacing knees or other joints. 

Additionally, CBD oil for inflammation allows for joint preservation as well as faster recovery. 

  • Improve sleep and reduce motivational disorders 

As an athlete, the one thing you need for recovery is sleep. However, a good number of runners have insomnia, which significantly affects their performance on the tracks. 

CBD oil helps reduce anxiety, especially before a race. This will help you rest and wake up fresh for the race. According to research, CBD has a therapeutic potential to treat insomnia. Enjoying better sleep before a race day will ensure that your heart rate stays balanced. 

The one thing that keeps athletes going is the will to persevere, which can be severely affected by motivational disorders such as depression, stress, and anxiety. Fortunately, CBD oil can help combat these issues. It will provide the necessary relief you need before a race. 

  • CBD for pain 

CBD oil or CBD creams can help relieve pain, especially sprains or other minor injuries that athletes experience when training or running. However, it’s not a cure for the pain. Therefore, regardless of how effective CBD oil is at combating pain, be sure to see a doctor. 

Unlike OTC painkillers, CBD oil doesn’t put you in a fog, thus allowing your brain to understand that your body is hurting. It’s a clearer and better way of relieving pain as it doesn’t clog your mind giving you a false sense of belief even when you are clearly injured. 

  • Faster recovery time 

Injuries are inevitable for athletes, especially in athletics, where runners push their bodies to the limit. The more you exercise a muscle, the more you’re exposing it to stress, which could lead to injury. This is why muscle recovery is a vital part of the training. 

After a workout or training, the immune system begins to repair and recovery of the microscopic tears from your training. This cycle of tear and repair allows your body to grow bigger muscles or adapt to the training. 

CBD oil fastens recovery in three ways; reduce muscle soreness, relieve pain, and help with sleep. After training, you can apply CBD oil to relieve soreness and muscle pain. Rest is also a crucial part of recovery. Therefore, using CBD to combat insomnia will help your muscles recover. When sleeping, the body will produce a growth hormone known as Melatonin, which facilitates muscle recovery. 


CBD gummies are probably the most convenient, discreet, yet fun way to consume cannabidiol. And it’s tasty too. They are also quite simple to make. First, we derive CBD from its plant source using supercritical CO2 extraction or solvent extraction techniques. Then it is infused into a mixture of sugar and gelatin, followed by the addition of flavors. For those interested in exploring a broader spectrum of cannabinoids,  incorporating THCV into this process could offer an intriguing twist. THCV, like CBD, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis that may have unique properties, potentially adding a new dimension to the taste and effects of these delightful gummies.

CBD oils like Love Hemp are great for athletes, and their benefits are immense from improving sleep to controlling appetite. All of which are vital for longevity and performance.

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